Young Girl Petitions For American Girl To Make A Diabetic Doll Just Like Her


It’s hard enough seeing young children who have to go through a disease or any kind of medical issue. Their youth should be the time of their life they are living carefree, but sadly this is not the case for many of them. One girl who knows this feeling all too well is 11 year old Anja Busse from Antigo, Wisconsin.

She was diagnosed with diabetes toward the end of 2013 and it changed her life forever. While there are some things that remain the same, she is an outgoing girl who loves to play with American Girl dolls, her new adjustment to living with a health condition meant she is seeing the world differently.

Normal for Anja is carrying around a bag filled with an insulin pump and other diabetic-related medical supplies wherever she goes. So why aren’t there more toys and dolls who represent the real lives of kids like Anja? Living in an age where you can use social media to have your voice heard by the masses, Anja decided to petition the makers of American Girl to create a doll who has diabetes and has to carry around supplies, just like her.

She started a petition on asking Mattel to diversify its range a little. Already American Doll features a cancer patient and girls who need wheelchairs, but none who need to take insulin on a daily basis. If the hugely popular American Doll line is dedicated to more accurate representation of girls in the real world, then perhaps this petition is not to strange or far off the mark for them.

“I want to have diabetic accessories for my American Girl doll so she is just like me. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves no matter if they have something “wrong with them”. Whether they have a disability, blindness, deaf, diabetes, and so much more! It’s important to feel good about yourself! No matter who you are!” Anja says on the petition.

“I know that if they made American girl doll diabetic accessories it would make thousands a diabetic kids like me happy.”

“When she got diagnosed in the hospital they sent us home with a bunch of books and nothing fun. So we thought it’d be really neat especially for girls to have something to play with their dolls. So their doll can be just like them,” said Ingrid Busse, Anja’s mom.

This isn’t the first time young girls are raising their voice to the companies that force certain stereotypes, media and consumer products on them from a young age. 13 year old Mckenna Pope from New Jersey petitioned the makers of Easy Bake oven in 2012 saying they need to create a gender neutral version, because boys also like to cook. 10 year old disabled girl Melissa Shang from Pennsylvania also petitioned Mattel in January 2014 because she wanted them to not just make disabled accessories like a wheelchair, but create stories for these dolls that girls can relate to.

So far Anja’s petition has over 2000 supporters, some from as far as Germany, Australia and the UK. We really hope it gets the attention of the American Doll creators, but more importantly, that stories like this encourage more young women to use the media as a tool to raise their voice for important issues that affect their daily lives.

These girls are the investigative journalists of the future, and the ones who won’t stop at “no” to make something happen they know is right. Be sure to keep up with Anja’s story on her petition Facebook page.


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