You Like To Vote? And Drive? Then Sorry Babe, You’re A Feminist


This is brilliant and funny! While we don’t condone bashing a woman’s decision in how she identifies herself, we are confused about how, with so much information available in the world today, that there are still women and men who are confused about the term “feminism”.

With the continual succession of female celebs admitting they don’t call themselves a feminist because of reasons such as the following: they like men, they don’t feel disempowered, they have freedom, etc, it’s a great opportunity to remember that the only reason we have these opportunities as women today is because of those angry feminists people like to hate on so much.

It it wasn’t for those bra-burning angry women in the 60s and 70s who fought for us to have greater access to certain type of healthcare that affect women, we wouldn’t be so confident about it today. If it weren’t for the original suffragettes picketing for the right to vote and have a say in public life, we wouldn’t be able to be so complacent about that freedom.

In many countries around the world women still don’t have the right to vote, drive or even walk in public without a man. While calling yourself a “feminist” should always be a personal choice, out and proud feminists shouldn’t have to spend the majority of their time defending the movement or explaining the definition. Instead they should be able to continue fighting for gender equality in areas that still do not have it (clue: there’s a lot of them!).


Comedian Katie Goodman has put into song a perfectly articulated response to all the female celebrities who have no problem saying they aren’t a feminist, but the very things they stand for are inherently feminist.

“A feminist is described as a person who believes in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Why is this so confusing?” she sings.

Katie is a comedian who ain’t afraid to call herself a feminist. She has traveled all over the US and overseas performing her brand of satire comedy pieces, and is also the founder of the all-female Broad Comedy troupe.

It’s cool to see women in comedy taking a stand for feminism, and it’s not hard to see why. The comedy arena has been male-dominated for so long and the female names have been few and far between. But that has been changing lately. Netflix have been making a huge subtle push for female comedians with their Netflix original content.

Millennial news website .Mic even attributes female comedians as leading the charge with modern feminism, especially in the arts and entertainment. Well, with all the female actresses and celebrities so scared of being called a feminist, we need some women like Katie to clear things up. Although, like she hilariously points out in the video below, she shouldn’t have to.

Sorry babe, you’re a feminist if you stand for the things Katie lists below. Check it out:

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