Fashion Bloggers With Plus-Sized Confidence

Remember when blogger Gabi Gregg got so fed up with the media’s obsession with being thin that she posted a picture of her size 18 body in a bikini on her site and asked others to do the same?

Well it seemed when she did that back in April this year it was just the start of a fashion blog revolution. Her bravery went viral and ultimately it gave other plus size fashion bloggers the courage to be confident with who they are!

While these larger women don’t hate on the skinny girls in the media, they are now more empowered to feel confident in their double digit sizes. Gaby Gregg is glad to have had such a spotlight from her post, but has said since then she doesn’t just want to be known for her size, but for her general fashion prowess.

But the unfortunate snobbery of the fashion world and unforgiving attitudes still have not relented, even though the public are crying out for a change. We all remember Karl Lagerfeld’s disgusting comments about Adele. Saying although she has a divine face and voice, its a shame she is a little too fat. Oh boy did he cop some awful backlash for saying that! Adele shrugged it off saying she is proud of her body represented the majority of women, not a small thin elite.

Another motivation for having these new plus size fashion blogs is because some of the girls are fed up that they can’t find fashionable clothes for their size in regular stores so by creating an online community they can, in a way, perhaps show retailers and fashion buyers there is no excuse to include all shapes and sizes in their stock.

While there are some critics who say plus size fashion is just another way to promote obesity or unhealthy eating habits, we think that is a cowardly excuse for anyone not to be accepting of someone else’s confidence.

Marie Claire magazine’s plus-sized columnist Nicolette Mason sees the more radical side to fashion blogging. It empowers bigger and curvier girls to be themselves and not hide their bodies. It allows them to be able to post pictures of themselves in underwear, for instance, and have a platform, whether the media recognizes it or not.

Well GirlTalkHQ is ready for an influx and revolution of the next wave of fashion blogger like Gaby Gregg, are you? While the market is still limited compared to other types of blogs, this means less competition if you are thinking of joining this community. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you started that blog already?!

Here are some more blogs from these beautiful, plus size, fiercely fashionable young women just to get you started.

1. Ragini Nag Rao, 27 runs A Curious Fancy, from England and India.

2. Chastity Garner, 32 from Dallas blogs on GarnerStyle:The Curvy Girl Guide

3. Alissa Wilson, 30 from Brooklyn blogs at Stylish Curves.

4. Diane Dennis, 37, from West Midlands in the UK blogs for Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too.

5. Bethany Rutter, 23 from London blogs on Arched Eyebrow.

6. Tiffany Tucker, 22 from Chicago blogs on Fat Shopaholic.

7. Nadia Aboulhosn, 24, form West Harlem is a blogger who has also modeled for Seventeen Magazine and American Apparel.

8. Samanta Rasmussen 26, from Idaho blogs for Stiletto Siren.

9. Amanda Valdez, 27, of California blogs for Fashion, Love and Martinis.




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  2. Seeing this list I feel I am just not bold enough! Love their style and wish to make it on such a list someday 🙂

    Love Reeneta
    Plus Size Blogger from India!

  3. Plus Size styles. The returns policy also makes it really worthwhile being a premium member – especially if you’re a lazy shopper who hates actually going into the shops to try things on!

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