When Do Parents Start Taking Responsibility For What They Teach Their Bully Children?

I recently came across a fantastic organization called Everyone Matters on facebook, shared by one of my friends Shari. They are a global Inclusiveness campaign with celebs such as Sir Paul McCartney, Nicole Kidman, Ellen Degeneres, Hugh Jackman just to name a few, with a message to judge others less, see the humanity in everyone, and emphasize that everyone has the right to be who they are.

What caught my eye was a video posted from September by the Hollis family from Illinois who shared a tragic story about their two disabled daughters who were being viciously bullied by neighbors.

This is their story shared on the facebook page:

“We live in a small town in Central Illinois and woke one morning in April 2011 to find our home and cars had been spray painted,” says Anne Hollis.

The family had been attacked because her two daughters have Down Syndrome: “RETARDS.” “Get Outta here.” And other unprintables.

“That day changed my life forever.”

But her two sons said they wanted to make a video, to “Speak up for our sisters.”

Meet the Hollis Boys, age 6 and 7.

Watch the video made by the two brothers who had had enough of people attacking their sisters, and decided to do something about it. I was in tears watching this!

I’m sorry to the Hollis family that you have to put with with such ignorant an uncaring idiots that happen to live in your neighborhood. To have the nerve to call 2 young disabled children ‘retarded’ is so immature and downright disgusting. Whoever these people are, I don’t place the sole blame on them.
While I believe in the age of accountability to be around 10 years old, meaning the age kids start taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions, some of these backward and prejudiced mentalities most likely come from parents or other guardians and “role models” in their lives.
At what point does society start looking at how parents raise their children to believe, think, feel and act? And why on earth are there horrible people out there allowed to get away with stupid stunts like this? I am so shocked and saddened about this.
Bullying is such a horrible epidemic and disease and we should be doing everything in our power to identify, prevent and reverse this.
Our children, the next generation should be given the chance to grow up in a world where we learn to accept each other and know everyone does matter.
I truly hope this story being shared will shame these perpetrators into owning up to their actions. While these total idiots are wasting their lives bullying people, these victims will become survivors, role models, leaders, and future Presidents.

The Hollis boys

Bravo to the Hollis family for seeking out other methods to move on with their lives and share their story rather than exact revenge and stoop to the same level. The Hollis boys are such beautiful young boys who already have the makings of something great in life.
For more information about Everyone Matters, click HERE for their website.

Have you had any experience with bullies? Have you even been the perpetrator and are willing to speak up about your story?

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