What Would Barbie Look Like If She Were Real? Answer= Ridic!

We recently came across this picture of model Katie Wilcox who was feature in Oprah’s O Magazine last November. Katie is the founder of Healthy Is The New Skinny blog and also created Natural Models LA which is a modeling agency dedicated (as is her blog) to promoting healthy attitudes, lifestyle, and body images. All their models are signed for the way their body is now, as opposed to trying to make them lose weight or look a certain way.

So when Katie was featured in O magazine, not only was it the first time they featured a nude model but it caused a huge stir. Katie was depicted holding a Barbie doll in front of her naked body, with dotted lines drawn all over her similar to that of a plastic surgeon’s markings before cosmetic procedures.


Shot by famed photographer Matthew Rolston (Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj) the message was clear: the dotted lines represented what would have to be cut away from her body is she were to pursue the unrealistic notion of trying to look like the popular Mattel doll.

Katie also wanted women and girls everywhere to see that Barbie’s proportions do not by any means reflect the measurements of real women. There is certainly an unhealthy association with Barbie, and body image. Women like Katie, Tyra Banks, and many others fight everyday to show young women that their body is perfect the way it is and should be celebrated, even with all its lumps, bumps, curves, lack of curves, uneven bits, and flaws.

There are girls out there who have some strange idea that looking like a toy is the idea of perfection. Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, also known as The Human Barbie not only looks ridiculous, but claims to have had no cosmetic or plastic surgery. Well no one is by any means believing her claims!

It is great to know there are alternative toys out there offered to young girls so they can grow up with a more realistic notion of women’s bodies. The Lottie Doll created by a UK company aims to promote healthy, fun and a normal childhood free of body worries to its consumers. They want girls growing up focusing not on their external appearance but utilizing all their skills, talents and personality to create a diverse life for themselves.

Well done to Katie for living out her purpose daily. We need to see more modeling agencies and models like this dominating the fashion and beauty industry. Let’s make natural beauty mainstream. Out with heroin chic and in with real women.

What do you think of Katie’s stance against Barbie? Do you think she started a great conversation to challenge women about their idea of the “perfect” body?



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