What Success Secrets Do Tory Burch & China’s Biggest Office Real Estate Developer Have In Common? They Make Time For This…


We are living in a time of entrepreneurship like the world has never seen before. There is also a huge boom of female entrepreneurs disrupting and creating spaces that have not been thought of by their male predecessors, and it is an exciting time!

When you look at some of the most brilliant and innovate entrepreneurs in the world, they didn’t necessarily start out wanting to make the big bucks, they found a gap or problem with a market and found a solution to fix it. Along with being an entrepreneur comes the added responsibility of needing to be ahead of the trends and equipping yourself with the right tools to do that.

One of our biggest inspirations is fashion designer and entrepreneur Tory Burch. She started a ready-to-wear label in 2004, and today is worth an estimated $1 billion! She is consistently ranked in Forbes annual ‘100 Most Powerful Women’ lists, has 140 Tory Burch flagship stores worldwide and sells in another 3000+ department stories globally. Her influence and success are undeniable. And despite going through a public divorce with her ex-husband who owned half the company she is still thriving and rumored to be on the cusp of an IPO.

Across the other side of the world is another badass female entrepreneur who we are in awe of and have just become familiar with. Her name is Zhang Xin, and she is the co-founder and CEO of SOHO China, the biggest office real estate development company in China. She is considered the premiere female entrepreneurs in China with 8 million followers on social media. This Billionaire, (yep, another one!) is also consistently listed on Forbes ‘Most Powerful Women’ lists.

Although both of these women are worlds apart in location as well as industry, they have one key thing in common that contributes to their success: they are avid consumers of news media. In particular, the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ have launched their first global campaign in a decade called ‘Make Time’ where they are featuring some of the world’s most successful, innovative and brilliant minds in the hope that they can encourage future entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps.


When you think of media today, it is easy to think of gossip sites, celebrity blogs and even reality shows and glossy magazines. It’s a shame that the often superficial and negative content gets all the headlines, because if more people knew that reading a publication like the Wall Street Journal can help you on your road to success, perhaps we’d see a change in the demand for certain types of news and media.

And we get it, the idea of purchasing a subscription to an online publication seems overwhelming or a waste of time and money. But one of the common traits amongst the most successful people in the world and throughout history is that they literally make time for the things that make not only themselves better, but also their businesses.

“This campaign highlights the value of making time to read the Journal, no matter how busy people are,” said Suzi Watford, Chief Marketing Officer, Dow Jones, which is the publisher of the WSJ.

“It also confirms that subscribing to the Journal puts you in a community with other ambitious people who prioritize being at the top of their game. Our subscribers are in very good company.”

The campaign will run through June 30 and the WSJ is planning to get in the face of as many potential readers as possible showing ads in subways, on broadcast TV, online, on billboards, in airports, and even on in-flight entertainment packages on Jet Blue and United Airlines.

Editor-in-chief Gerard Baker said in a statement that they understand consumers’ time is valuable, which is why they are ramping up the quality in all their areas of focus so consumers get what they need in one place.


“Whether it is our real-time business, financial and economic coverage, our expert reporting on technology, our broad coverage of global politics and policy, our unrivaled sports, culture, fashion, arts and entertainment reporting, we continue to extend the reach of our journalism while striving to shed light on the issues that matter most,” he said.

Other people featured in the campaign include music producer and artist Will.I.Am and Mike McCue, founder and CEO of Flipboard.

“We know that where people get their news has never been more important, and this campaign highlights the benefits of making time for the Journal,” said Victoria Davies, Managing Partner at The&Partnership, the creative agency who partnered with the WSJ for this campaign.

Both Tory Burch and Zhang Xin talk about reading the Wall Street Journal as part of their routine as it not only keeps them informed about the world, but also helps them to understand what their competitors are doing.

“Knowing the competitive landscape, what the other fellow developers are doing, and also business news that is not necessary related to what I do, it’s always interesting for me to read about e-commerce and Silicon Valley, the Journal is a good way to get information,” said Zhang in the video below.

For Tory, it’s not just a personal habit she keeps, it is something she shares with other women.

“The Tory Burch Foundation empowers female entrepreneurs through mentoring, entrepreneurial education and small loans. And when I meet with them I talk about the importance of being knowledgeable and informed,” she said.

If these billionaires recommend it, we’re all for it! It seems like a subscription to a newspaper is a small price to pay for knowledge that goes a long way. Heck, we probably spend double the amount of money on Starbucks anyway! Check out the videos below for a little entrepreneurial inspiration:

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