What Are We Doing To Create A Peaceful World?

Hello GTHQ readers, I hope your week has started off as a cracker! And if not, I truly hope it will warm up toward being one. Our second week in existence as a site continues to be filled with inspiration and excitement as we move toward the festive season and have more great content coming up to inspire you all!

I was super excited to post my interview with former MTV star and AXS TV host Lyndsey Rodrigues this week. Her story was not just about her stellar career but how she overcame some difficult personal trials to come out on top. The best part about Lyndsey is that she isn’t comfortable just being a TV star. She genuinely wants to use her time and talents to help other people. She started an online community called ‘Think Before You Type’ which is a forum enabling people who are cyber bullied to share their stories. She, along with TBYT are targeting social media companies to force them to change their legislation so that they are accountable and take responsibility to protect the privacy of their users.

Cyber bullying is such an awful and sickening growing trend I am so pleased that Lyndsey and many others in the world are doing whatever they can to change the situation and create some peace in a very noisy world.

This interview tied in so neatly with my experience last Sunday. I attended a church service in LA with my gorgeous friend Cami at Reality LA in Hollywood. It was my first time and I was so blessed and refreshed. Don’t worry, this is not a blog post where I start bible bashing, so don’t click away just yet!

The message I heard was all about peacemaking. It is such a universal concept, we all want and need it, but if we take an honest hard look at ourselves, are we really willing to do what it takes to be a peacemaker? I mean, we all have many different views on how to get peace and what it should look like, right?

To really pursue peace I learned that we need an entirely new way of thinking. The main point in the sermon was that we each need to be actively pursuing Peacemaking. Someone who is a peacemaker is a person that is working toward healed relationships. This means we each need to take the responsibility to initiate the reconciliation. That struck me like a hammer.

“But look at what they did to me?” “They started the fight” “It was clearly their fault and they should apologize to me first!”

These are the thoughts that come into our head right? If peacemaking is essentially bridge building, are we willing to be the first to initiate reconciliation with someone today, regardless of who is wrong or right? I love the saying “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

This means us reaching “across the aisles” just like President Obama said to the nation last week, and start being a peacemaker. It doesn’t mean we always have to agree. It just means we don’t have to hate. And it shouldn’t be a “cheap” peace that is fake or superficial; there should always be the presence of love but never the absence of truth.

I have recently been going through a stressful time in my personal relationships and I have to admit to failure of not being a very worthy peace maker. I realize it is far too easy to want to be heard and want to be right, rather than be peaceful and create harmonious relationships. I need to work on this and realize dropping my anger and reaching across the aisle is not a form of weakness, it is showing the other person your strength and maturity to see the bigger picture.

So I challenge you this week dear readers, if you are doing something that is the complete opposite of being a peacemaker, if you have the ability to make a change simply by your words or actions, if you are being stubborn to just be right, then try a different approach. Read Lyndsey’s story for inspiration and as far as it depends on you, live at peace with the people in your life. If change starts with you and one decision, make it this one today.




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