WEEKLY WRAP UP VIDEO: Gender Violence & YesAllWomen

Each week we upload a video to our Youtube channel called the ‘GTHQ Weekly Wrap Up’, where our editor-in-chief Asha Dahya shares her thoughts, opinions and stats on an important or trending topic that week.

This week she spoke about the Santa Barbara shooting where two women were targeted and shot dead because they rejected a young boy who wanted to have sex with them. The hashtag #yesallwomen sparked a huge conversation online about the issue of gender violence and how this shooting is not just an isolated event.

This incident is not that different from acid attacks which happen in India, most of which occur because men have a vendettor against a woman because she rejected him, and they want to destroy their lives forever.

Also honor killings, which happen mostly in India, Pakistan and the Middle East, are just another example of the war on women where we are treated as second class citizens, with no equal value to men and therefore they feel killing a woman is the only logical solution. Honor killings are when a family will kill a (usually female) member of their own family because she caused them shame, and the family doesn’t want to be humiliated in their community.

Honor killings are happening a lot in Europe, especially in the UK where there is a high number of Pakistani and Indian migrants. The UK government has been working to implement legislation and education for the country so that they can stop honor killings happening there.

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