WARNING: This pic is offensive because she is not skinny

Stella Boonschoft is a Student at NYU and a Huffpost blogger. Her story recently went viral after she posted a pic of herself on her tumblr in her underwear showing she is not afraid of having a few stretch marks, cellulite and not being stick skinny.
She caught the attention of a guy named Brandon, founder of the photo blog ‘Humans of New York’. He posted the pic on the site’s Facebook page and it got over half a million ‘likes’!

All her life she had been given so much negativity about her body, her weight and had to suffer quietly inside while random people felt it was their duty to comment on her looks.
It took a while but Stella finally learned to accept her body type & shape, and decided to love herself.
There is so much we as young women can learn from Stella’s bravery. Let’s start ignoring the people who tell us we need to change to fit a stereotyped ‘beauty’ mold, and start accepting and loving our unique qualities.

What is something you are insecure about in your life that could be turned around to help other women?

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