Victoria’s Secret Model Swaps Catwalk For Christianity


Kylie Bisutti is a 23 year old former Victoria’s Secret model who has hung up her wings for good. She spoke to the New York Post about her decision and explained that it was her new found faith in God that was the catalyst in her quitting.

The Las Vegas native has written a book called ‘Im No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model’ detailing her life in the fashion industry and how she hopes her story will be an eye opener into what really goes on behind closed doors.

In 2009 she beat out 10 000 hopefuls in the Victoria’s Secret Angel search competition to be part of the angel clan, and stayed with the brand for only 2 years before quitting.


Today, she lives in Montana with her husband and leads a quiet life, away from the spotlight. She says a big reason she quit was because she felt like a piece of meat and that her job clashed with her christian beliefs.

She also went through some eating disorders and suffered through many insecurities whilst living in New York, just to maintain her body for fashion industry standards. At her lowest point her weight plummeted to 108 pounds surviving on juice and water.

“The curves that made me ‘too fat’ by runway standards were perfect for Victoria’s Secret. And even though I was only 19, a newlywed and growing in my relationship to God, I didn’t think twice about strutting my stuff in skimpy bikinis and underwear in the TV contest,” she said.


She grew up dreaming of being a Victoria’s Secret model and started going to casting calls at the age of 8 in Nevada. When she was 15 she was invited by a friend to go to church and subsequently decided to dedicate her life to Jesus and Christianity. However, she still pursued a modeling career for a number of years.

Bisutti, who has been photographed for FHM and Maxim and was offered a gig in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue, said she decided to quit modeling soon after racey images from a lingerie shoot were uploaded to a porn site. The shoot didn’t seem to be associated with Victoria’s Secret, but was one she was contracted for with modeling agency IMG.

She did her first topless shoot at the age of 16 and says had it not been for industry pressure, she would never have done it. “My agent told me, ‘All models have a topless shot.’ I was only 16 when I posed for mine.”

She met her husband, Mike, while on a family trip to Mexico and learned that he too was a christian. They soon married and this started her change of thinking in her modeling career. 2 years after winning the Victoria’s Secret Angel search she decided she was sick of selling anything that had to do with sex, that made her look provocative and sent out this tweet to her fans:

“I quit being a VS model to be a Proverbs 31 wife.”

(Proverbs 31 talks about being a virtuous and capable wife that a husband can trust. It says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”)


Since her story has come out and is doing the publicity rounds, a VS spokesperson has claimed that she is grossly exaggerating her role within the company and that she was never an official ‘Angel’. Well doesn’t that defeat the purpose of an “Angel Search competition’?

“Ms. Bisutti has made numerous fabrications and misstatements of fact regarding her brief association with Victoria’s Secret,” the company told People in a statement.

They said she only participated in one swimsuit shoot after winning and that was it. Regardless, she is not the only former VS model to quit the industry because of her beliefs in God. We chatted with Nicole Wieder in 2012 who had a very similar story, and says she too was unhappy with the way she was portrayed as a piece of meat for men in the industry.

Bisutti admits her decision has possibly cost her millions of dollars in earnings as she turned down offers form Dancing with the Stars, the CW network, and a Sports Illustrated Cover shoot. But she she happy with her decision and her new life with her husband in Montana. She is not using her publicity to bash the lingerie brand as she admires the careers of other former Angels.

“Victoria’s Secret Angels have the longest careers in the business. Even after they stop modeling lingerie, they can go on to host TV shows, like Heidi Klum, or design clothes, like Gisele.”

For Kylie she is on a different path and is happy to be a different kind of role model for young women. “I no longer restrict what I eat. I weigh 124 pounds right now, but my ideal weight is 125. I want young girls to see me at a healthy size.”

She is designed her own clothing range, speaking tours, and her blog “My clothing line comes out next month, and it will feature models of all shapes and sizes promoting our modest clothes. I want girls to see people who look like them, so they feel good about themselves.

While there are always going to be success stories in the fashion industry, we applaud people like Kylie Bisutti who are willing to speak out and take a stand for what she believes in. Her desire to be a good healthy example for young women is nothing to be scoffed at, and we are sure this is not the end of her modeling career!

What do you think of her story?


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