Tyra Covers Cosmo South Africa And Reinvents Beauty In Her Flawsome Way!

Supermodel and self-made Media Mogul Tyra Banks graces the cover of South Africa’s Cosmopolitan Magazine December Issue.

While we just covered a story about a young woman fighting to ban Cosmo for underage girls because of its graphic sexual content, we also want to acknowledge someone like Tyra, who has a successful career and massive following, using her platform in this publication to redefine society’s standard of ‘beauty’.

Throughout her life she has faced many odds, none of which stopped or slowed her down. She never gave into the pressures of the fickle entertainment and fashion industries and refused to be anything but who she was. Warts and all!

In the mag she specifically talks about this, in an aim to encourage other young woman to be comfortable in their own skin: “Loving yourself is paramount, no matter what shape, size or color you are. I call it being flawsome: you + your flaws + awesome = flawsome.”

We call that Frawsome: Freaking+awesome! She has never been ashamed to admit she has cellulite, and always uses her influence to encourage other women in their confidence and careers.

Her advice to those wanting to follow in her footsteps? “Don’t chase the money, chase the passion.”

Wanna be on Top? Wanna be the Next Tyra Banks? How will her story encourage you to not be held back by any imperfections in your life?

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