Tips For Self-Empowerment


In this day and age it is no longer a fact that women are marginalized. In fact, the “damsel in distress” personalities are frowned upon lately, because being in such state is not empowering. We no longer expect men to give up their seats on the subway for us, nor hold doors open when we enter buildings. On the same note, we are therefore expected to perform in the same way that men do their jobs—if the business requires cutthroat ruthlessness and steely determination, we should deliver with neither softness nor inhibition and meet what’s demanded of us head on.

Unfortunately, some women still define themselves by their roles (wife, mother, daughter, sister) and limit themselves to only that. These ladies need constant reminders that they’re worthy, and that they should not be “boxed” by what they do. We therefore came up with little ways of convincing other females to affirm their worth and regain lost or otherwise diminishing self-respect, and these are:

1. Accomplish something. These accomplishments need not be as grand as being Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, but may involve little things like knitting a sweater, organizing a bake sale for the nearby elementary school, or winning a round of online gaming over at binguez. Big or small, a sense of achievement will boost our self-esteem. If you can accomplish something each day, you will feel that much more satisfied knowing you are moving forward. Sometimes it could simply be a case of learning how to create a budget, making a to-do list you need to get through, giving yourself a makeover, or re-wording your resume to get better results. This is also your chance to use your creativity in what you want to accomplish in your life and what you are capable of.

2. Learn something new. The internet is a rich source of knowledge, especially if you know where to look. BBC, aside from providing us news from all over the world, also offers free foreign language lessons such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Chinese. YouTube is also a helpful guide for how-to’s and other demonstrations. Once acquired, snippets of knowledge will go a long way.
It is said that successful people never stop learning. Ghandi put it best by saying “”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” There have been countless studies done on people who continue to learn new things, especially elderly people, and the studies show this can lessen the effects of alzheimers and dementia as they brain is continually being stretched and used as a muscle. So why not get into the habit while we are young!


3. Get involved. Know what cause you’re passionate about, and act on it. The simple “signing” of online petitions for environmental awareness could have a huge impact in a global scale. Volunteering in your local animal shelter brings out your compassionate and caring side, traits which are vital to your emotional growth.
Don’t wait for someone to make that opportunity for you. It’s not always going to be an easy ride, but if you believe in something and are passionate about it, then do it. Everyone of us has a passion, it is just a matter of time and experience before you realize what yours is. Don’t ever underestimate yourself simply because of your circumstance or how you are. We recently watched ‘Won’t Back Down’ starring Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and it was a powerful moving (true) story showing that we are capable of more than we know, if we only take that chance. And stay committed to your cause.

So how will you choose to empower yourself today? What will it take for you to want to improve your life? If you have an amazing story of transformation or hardship in your life, please share it with us so we can encourage our readers!


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