This Dude Developed A Glass That Can Detect If Your Drink Has Been Spiked!

Well it’s Friday ladies, time to kick off your heels, put down those handbags, backpacks and laptops and enjoy the weekend. For some of you that means heading to your local bar or nightclub, if you are of age, and having a night on the town.

All too often we hear stories of young men and women who are victims of date rape drugs at bars. A sly stranger, sometimes even a person they know, will carefully slip a drug such as GHB or a “Roofie” into their drink, and because most of them are colorless and odorless, they are none the wiser and all too soon they have been taken advantage of in horrible ways.

Well one awesome guy by the name of Mike Abramson from Boston decided to put his experience to good use and develop something that will potentially (eventually) wipe out this horrible trend. He has developed a range of glassware, straws and plastic cups in partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Dr. John MacDonald.

The idea is that the drinkware will change color when it comes into contact with any form of date rape drug, enabling the drinker to know immediately that their drink is spiked. Abramson came up with the idea after him and his college buddies all went through a drink-spiking experience themselves and wanted to do something about it.

What do you guys think about Drink Savvy glasses? Do you have any date rape stories? Do you think a product like this will prevent more horrific assaults in bars?

The product is called Drink Savvy and while it is a fantastic and much needed product, they need our help to raise money to manufacture them. They started a fund on IndieGoGO where they are looking for $50 000 and so far have raised just over half that amount. As of today, Friday December 14, you still have 15 days to contribute and spread the word before they stop taking donations.

If you are a college student or a frequent bar-hopper, clubber, social butterfly we urge you to read about this and donate to a worthy cause. Watch Mike’s video and see what DrinkSavvyInc is all about.


Mike and his team at Drink Savvy eventually want these glasses to be mandatory at all bars and nightclubs and we are 100% in support of that! A genius product like this with a team of people who care enough about our youth should be supported by major organizations and politicians and legislators who have the power to influence our societies.

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  1. Donna Glout says:

    Wow, what a stupid idea. Unless this tests for every possible ‘date rape’ drug, you are creating a false sense of security. How dare you try to make money of women’s rape. Just wait until you get your first lawsuit you greedy pig.

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