Teen Girl Launches ‘Modesty Club’ In An Attempt To Ban Skimpy School Outfits

Saige Hatch is a 15 year old high school student from South Pasadena High School in California who is a girl on a mission (pictured in the middle). She is an ordinary teen who loves her friends and family, but has a heart for cause. That cause is to see her fellow students dress more modestly as she became so sick and tired of seeing scantily-clad, cleavage-baring high school girls parading around projecting the wrong image. So she had to take action!

In September she launched something called the ‘Modesty Club’ which aims to enforce stricter dress codes for students, and ban skimpy outfits. Her reason? To bring awareness and remembrance to the value of modesty, and to teach boys and girls to respect their bodies, so it states on her website.

Most state-run high schools across America do not have a uniform like other parts of the world, so it is not only an added expense for parents for their kids and teens, but sometimes an open invitation for bullying and taunting.

Although South Pasadena High School has a dress code requiring students to cover the ‘range of skin from armpit to The Bottom Line,’ which is defined as at least ‘a hand’s width below the bottom of the buttocks,’ Saige says it isn’t being adhered too.

So far the club only has 17 physical members, but her website and cause has gotten the attention not just in Pasadena, but around the US and the world! Saige is certainly a light for all the young women around her, as all too often we as young women get sucked into society’s unrealistic notions of what makes a girl attractive, beautiful or desirable, and in the process lose a lot of our standards and morals. A change has to take place very early on, and young Saige has obviously recognized this.

On the home page of the website the statement is clear: “A shift is coming, sneaking through the literal fabric of our culture. Our bright heroic women are being made the fool. A fool to think that to be loved they must be naked. To be noticed they must be sexualized. To be admired they must be objectified.”

Saige was inspired to action by her older brother McKay who started his own club in 2009 called ‘The No Cussing Club’. Today the club has over 10 000 members across the world, and McKay even appeared on Jay Leno, Dr. Phil and many other news programs!

The No Cussing Club has received plenty of support, but also a lot of hate mail and negativity, some even going as far to say this club goes against Freedom Of Speech. This kind of publicity made Saige’s dad Brent nervous about the thought of another one of his children opening themselves up for public scrutiny.

But Saige persisted and Brent allowed her to do it. Having received even more threats, their van being egged and graffitied-on hasn’t deterred Saige one bit. She was so inspired by her brother’s courage to make a difference in the world she is now plans to put together an online petition to urge members of the entertainment and fashion industries to enforce more modest attire in their publications and on their talent.

She also vows to write to clothing designers to make more modest clothing for women, in general, and to arrange to have a vote in school to enforce the dress code or switch to uniforms, she said. Ambitious plans, but why not? If she has a passion for this, she should be courageous in her attempt to make a difference. If someone doesn’t start, who will?

As it stands her Modesty Club has already been recognized by the Mayor of South Pasadena, Michael Cacciotti who not only supports Saige’s cause and club, but has declared December 3-7 “Modesty Week” in South Pasadena. Go Saige!

What do you think of Saige’s guts to start a club which could possibly invite teasing and bullying by other kids? Will you take the modesty pledge with your friends on her website? Do you have any stories you can share about being bullied or harassed for what you wear at school?


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