Take Over The Tech World Like Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer helped create Gmail, she was recently appointed the new CEO of Yahoo! (while being pregnant might I add) and is one of the highest ranking women in Silicon Valley.

She is a woman on the forefront of an industry that is highly male-dominated, yes even in 2012 believe it or not.

She started with Google in 1999 as only one of its few employees at the first and their first female engineer. But despite her career and what she has achieved to date, she aptly recognizes there is a need for a huge push for women in this field.

Marissa says that Computer Science is still such a new industry and unfortunately it hasn’t yet achieved the gender balance just yet. There are also the obvious male-female differences that come into play when it comes to performance at work. She has seen that women are more concerned about the impact of their work and they want to know what they do matters to someone. Men, however, do not seek this same emotional approval.

She wants the stereotypes of the computer hacker and the geek to be dispelled because that may be partly why some women (and men) shy away from this industry. They think they have to be a certain type of person or think a certain way. Marissa says this is the wrong approach!

“You don’t have to be that. You can keep who you are and you can keep that part of yourself and keep your interests and still be a great computer scientist.”

It is great to see Marissa using her platform to speak out and encourage the next generation that the tech world needs them. The only way to change the status quo is to stop waiting for others to do it for you, take a risk and a leap of faith!

What is stopping you from achieving your goals today? What is something in life you really want to do but think you are held back because of your gender or background? Share with us below!



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