Super Role Models Campaign Feat. Christy Turlington Focused On Efforts, Not Appearance


A fashion campaign that touts its models for what they do, rather than what they look like? Yes please! We know that the fashion and beauty industries are run on promoting physical appearance, but there is so much more to being beautiful that just what is on the outside and so this new campaign from Scandinavian brand Lindex is pretty awesome (see what we did there?).

They have just launched in the UK for the first time and have signed up super models Christy Turlington-Burns, Liya Kibede, and Toni Garrn to be the faces of their Super Role Model campaign which is highly fitting because all three are women who are using their elevated platform as world-renowned models to raise awareness for various charities and organizations.

The most well-known out of the trio, one of the original “supers” from the ’90s is Christy, who started the organization Every Mother Counts to raise awareness and funds for maternal health in developing countries. After her own near-death experience giving birth in the US, she realized how lucky she was to be living in a country that has all the modern conveniences when it comes to giving birth, but there are many women around the world who do not even have the most basic health care during this precious time.

She gave birth to her daughter Grace in 2003 when she was struck with a postpartum hemorrhage, causing her placenta to become embedded in her uterus wall. She suffered massive blood loss and was forced to undergo a painful procedure where the doctors manually tore her placenta free without pain relief – an experience that could easily have killed her had she not been in such good hands.

Christy, 46, then made it her mission to use her name to make everyone aware of an issue that normally gets pushed to the wayside, as is often the case with many women’s issues globally.


“I have learned that it’s what you do, how you do it and what you do with what you have that matters. I like that this campaign is providing a platform for each of us women – Toni, Liya and myself – at different stages of our careers who are all doing more with our lives than just modelling. I think it’s a positive example to show that none of us are only as we may seem at a glance and that everyone has the capacity to do more,” she said in a statement.

And here’s why Christy’s mission is so important, because although we think maternal death is something that only affects women far, far away, the reality is that it happens all over the world.

“If I have a goal, it’s for as many people as possible to be aware that this is an everywoman issue. For example, it’s shocking, but the US is actually one of eight countries around the world where maternal death rates are on the rise. So this is not just a problem in the developing world,” she said in an interview with Red magazine.

Pregnancy is the leading cause of death in women aged 15 to 19 in the developing world, and up to 98% of these deaths are preventable, with better education, increased medical supplies and more transport to healthcare services, which is what EMC is a huge advocate of.

So Lindex jumped at the opportunity to team up with such a powerhouse women who is spreading an important message not only through her organization, but also through the documentaries she makes. Given that the whole premise behind the #SuperRoleModels campaign is about beauty coming from what you do, not just how you look, Christy is easily the leader in this field.

“We chose to work with Christy, Liya and Toni as Super Role Models because we believe that the spirit they convey and the example they set will inspire our customers to consider the meaning of beauty – not only on the outside but the inside too. The campaign message is that we can all do better,” said Lindex’s Johan Hallin.

In a similar mission, Liya Kibede’s The Liya Kibede Foundation is a non-profit that supports organizations working to reduce maternal and newborn deaths in Africa through advocacy, education, grantmaking and partnerships. It was founded in 2005 in conjunction with Liya’s role as a World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador, and works closely with another familiar org, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


“I grew up in Ethiopia where it was very common for women to die in childbirth. I realized these women were dying in third world countries because they didn’t have any basic access to medical care,” said Liya in a promo video for Lindex.

Her foundation funded a medical center a few years ago which has seen 5000 healthy babies be born and mothers who have had the right care they needed during this life-changing time.

“I want everyone to understand and help prevent another mother from dying,” she adds.

German model Toni Garrn, who is being touted as the “new generation” face of this campaign is a global ambassador for Plan International’s ‘Because I Am A Girl’ initiative. Toni started modeling at the age of 14, at 15 started sponsoring children around the world and her charity work soon became part of her career. She also says that one of her role models is Christy Turlington, and was thrilled to work alongside her for Lindex.

She is part of an initiative called ‘You and Me Girl’ which is focused on educating young women to become teachers, break the cycle of poverty, and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of girls who deserve to be educated in countries where often they are not allowed. So far her initiative has generated $100,000 which she says is her proudest moment.

“I think everybody who has a dream or a passion can make it work. I’d like to inspire everybody to live their dreams,” she said in a promo video.

Lindex is selling limited edition #superrolemodel tees to raise money for each of the women’s charities, and will also donate a percentage of sales to WaterAid, another charity they are raising awareness for.

This is a wonderful initiative and we love to see the world of fashion making a difference. Props to Christy, Toni and Liya for their tireless work and the desire to use their fame to benefit women less fortunate than them. Super role models to a tee! Check out the promo videos below:

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