Spanx Founder & Self Made Billionaire Sarah Blakely Opens First Retail Store

Sarah Blakely, the founder and creator of the world’s number one shapewear brand has finally opened her first retail store, in Virgina, MD. It is (appropriately) called ‘Spanx’ and you can buy all the slimming bodysuits and pantyhose that your heart desires!
But if you can’t get to Virgina, don’t worry she is planning to open more stores in Philadelphia and New Jersey. For the global customers, just you wait, this savvy business woman will no doubt have more plans for stores in other regions very soon.
I am a huge fan of Sarah’s story. She created the brand in 2000, with $5000 of her own money. Never borrowed from anyone, and never went into debt. She just knew she had a fantastic product that did not yet exist.

Today the brand generates over $255million in revenue and is sold in over 11 500 boutiques, online stores and in 40 countries around the world. She famously never advertises, has no investors, has never been in debt, and built her company with just $5,000 of life savings. Oh, and she has never worked in retail or fashion before!

I would love to meet Sarah one day and pick her brains and find out more about her journey to getting where she is today. Does her story inspire you? I hope so ladies, because you don’t have to be rich, pretty, popular, or have a PhD to do what you are passionate about. If you truly believe it is something worthwhile, be persistent!


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