Some Heiresses Record Awful Music With Lil Wayne, Some Take Beautiful Photos

We all know the name of the first heiress mentioned in the title. You know, the one who just released a rather awful track with rapper Lil Wayne. And while I loathe to include a link to it, I will simply for the sake of contrast and comparison in this post.

Moving on to an heiress who actually wants to do something meaningful with her time, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton. While I know she is not technically a blood-born heiress like Paris Hilton, in my eyes her contribution to society is something worth talking about, and she deserves her full title being written out. The Palace-run official website for her and Wills released official photographic images take by the princess from a recent trip to Borneo as part of the Diamond Jubilee Tour in September.

While the royal couple have been tied up in official state duties around the world ever since their marriage, the media has been obsessed with Kate’s style. We now have another reason to celebrate Kate: her creativity! It’s nice to see she has many talents that we have yet to discover. While we may not all be a royal family member, it’s really exciting and inspirational to see her take her responsibilities seriously. She doesn’t just represent her country, but young women everywhere showing them being educated, cultured, and creative is important to a well-rounded life.

Take a look at her pictures. The captions for each one are taken from the Royals’ Official Website:

This picture was taken by The Duchess of Cambridge as she and The Duke were traveling by car through the rain forest in Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia. It does not even begin to give a sense of the size of these jungle giants, which are truly one of Nature’s most awesome sights.

The Duke and Duchess flew over this palm oil plantation on their way to the Royal Society research station in Sabah, Malaysia. These plantations are vital to the production of many products used in daily life, from cooking to biofuels. The challenge is to find a way to increase global palm oil production to meet growing demand without causing further deforestation.

The Borneo rainforest provides natural habitats for many species of birds and animals. Most notably the endangered Borneo Orangutan. The Duke and Duchess were fortunate enough to spot one during their short visit.

Mt. Kinabalu is the highest point in Borneo, with an elevation of 4,095 (13,435 ft) above sea level. This photo was taken by The Duchess on the flight to Solomon Islands.

This photo was taken by The Duchess during her and The Duke’s private walk through part of the jungle, close to the Danum Valley research station. Every tree is itself a kingdom of creatures and plant life with a surrounding atmosphere of light and noise and humidity.

The Borneo rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Thousands of species of flowering plants, trees, terrestrial mammals and birds can be found in these vast canopies, but they are under serious pressure from commerce and changing weather patterns.

What do you think of Kate’s photos? Are you a fan?

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