Singer Leona Lewis Becomes Cruelty-Free Beauty Activist

Former UK X Factor winner and extraordinary singer Leona Lewis has decided to lend her celeb status to a good cause: beauty products that are animal cruelty free.

She has teamed up with The Body Shop as an activist to create awareness about cruelty-free products, and has launched a limited edition range makeup range and fragrance.

The collaboration came about with the right celebrity, as Leona Lewis tells the Daily Mail she has long been passionate about raising awareness about animal cruelty, and is very conscious about where her beauty products come from.

“Everything it creates has real soul – they call it “Beauty With Heart” – and I love being a part of that. The collaboration is a natural fit and I’m proud to be their Brand Activist!”

Leona Lewis Body Shop

The Body Shop has joined forces with Cruelty Free International in their bid to push for a global ban on the testing of animals for cosmetics. Customers and supporters can either go into store and sign the pledge or visit

Leona wants to use her celebrity status and voice to show both consumers and manufacturers that testing on animals is a barbaric and unnecessary procedure. There are alternative tests that are far superior than testing on animals that she wants to become more known in a bid to make a change in the beauty industry.

The singer is a girly girl who loves makeup, getting her nails done and trying out new products just as much as the next girl. For someone like her to be able to use her voice to create a possible change is a great thing! We love celebs who are doing something positive with their lives.

Leona Lewis Cruely Free Beauty

The Body Shop’s mantra is creating ‘Beauty with Heart’ and teaming up with Cruelty Free International and Leona means they can show other young women to make conscious decisions about what products they buy and use on themselves.

Beauty with Heart is such a loaded statement in a good way, it makes you think about other industries and areas that we can apply that thought pattern to.Leona is not just another famous person putting her name on a brand to get a paycheck and have minimal involvement. She was part of each of the products in her range and had her input on each product, right down to the design and logo motif.

Body Shop deer logo

The Body Shop is one of a rare breed of company’s that can claim they have never tested any products on animals. They are proud of this fact and we can say without a doubt they are the type of products you can invest in with a clear conscience. It’s nice to see women like Leona who really is the girl next door who came out of no where to win a singing competition and is now a household name around the world, taking a stand for positive messages and themes.

The beauty and fashion industry should be taking more initiatives like this, just like Victoria’s Secret pledging to “go green” using less toxins and chemicals in their underwear that are harmful to consumers.

The Leona Lewis Body Shop range will be available for purchase from March 26. For more info go to The Body Shop website and also check out their work with Cruelty Free International if this is something you feel strongly about.

Here is the promo video Leona made for The Body Shop:


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