School Girl Food Blogger Tours the World

Nine year-old Martha Payne is a school girl and food blogger from Scotland. She started blogging about her school lunches and how bad they were but soon got in trouble by her principal originally because she was apparently putting the lunch ladies’ jobs in jeopardy.

Her blog got so much attention after her local council tried to ban it, that people started donating and she used the money to help local charity Mary’s Meals.

Back in June she was head hunted by Hollywood to appear on some talk shows and even got the attention of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Fast forward to October and she has just returned home after a 3 week tour to Malawi where she was filming a documentary for Mary’s Meals, a company that provides meals to impoverished countries like Malawi.

I am so blown away by the young women of this world who go against the grain and use their creativity and guts to do something to change their world. As for Martha, she says now that she is back at school she is going to continue blogging about her school dinners 🙂

What is something you are passionate about? How can you make a difference in your world with the talents, skills and resources you have?





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