Respect Your Flaws & Embrace Your Imperfections!

It’s hard enough to navigate through the many images the media pushes on us daily. They tell us how we should look, what we should wear, what we should be earning, what our lifestyle should be like. Yet those very producers, and content creators go home at night to their ordinary houses, average clothes, piled-up bills, and non-designer homewares.

So when did the fashion and entertainment industry decide we should dislike who we are and aspire to be someone and something completely different? The reason Girl Talk HQ was created was to show the flip side of the mass media.

Where are all the role models promoting unique-ness and individuality? Think about this, would Cindy Crawford have gotten anywhere in her career without a huge big mole on her upper lip? Would celebs like Lauren Hutton and Madonna have become household names and industry heavyweights if it weren’t for an unsightly gap in their front teeth?

And would curvy women like Kim Kardashian (as much as I loathe to use her as any type of great example) and Jennifer Lopez have become famous if they decided to reduce the size of their ample derriers? No!

Body Dismorphic Disorder runs rampant among teens and young women and unless treated properly will continue into adulthood. We as influential people in our society and the media have a responsibility to encourage our generation of young women to embrace who they are, respect their flaws, and only try to be the best that THEY can be.

We can only be ourselves, no one else. There is only 1 you! So be the best at being you, don’t compare yourself to others.

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