Real Talk: Hollywood Actress Proves Beauty Doesn’t Come From A Knife, Injection, Nip Or Tuck.

Hollywood Star Kim Basinger just turned 59 this month and her daughter (with Alec Baldwin) Ireland, 17, is singing her praises.


Ireland posted a pic on instagram wishing her mom Happy Birthday telling all her fans and followers the secret to Kim’s flawless beauty even today. Here’s what she wrote:

Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman in the entire world. You are the most influential and inspirational figure in my life, and I’ve always looked up to you and no one else. I run to you if I’m ever in doubt or danger, and I’m grateful to you that you always find a way to come to my rescue. You are the most naturally beautiful woman there ever was and will be. Your skin care, workouts and advice on eating healthy inspire me to do the same. Ladies, if you want to avoid Botox and any other skin treatments, listen to my mom! She hasn’t had one treatment done because she’s stay completely out of the sun all these years! Mom, you still look like your 17 and it’s kind of embarrassing standing next to you. Hopefully someday I will adopt your cheekbones and and overall beauty…. Inside and out. You mean the world to me, Mom. We may argue about everything under the sun… But without you, I would be nothing. I love you.

Young Kim Basinger

Wow what a stunner! Happy Birthday Kim, and thank you for being part of a posse that will hopefully inspire the younger generation of actresses not to cave into industry pressures.

I do agree with Ireland, Kim is a role model proving that beauty isn’t defined or created by a serum, knife, lotion, injection, or nip and tuck. Beauty comes from within and once you truly start to accept who you are you will radiate a unique attractiveness that no one else has!

Let’s be a generation of young women that say “screw you” to the cosmetic surgery industry because we want to be different, independent and celebrate who we are. Thank you Kim for being an advocate for natural beauty.

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