Plus Size Blogger Says Focus On Her, Not Her Looks

Blogging is like chocolate. Everyone wants it, wants a piece of it and we can’t get enough. But how do you create a blog or content that other people will want to read? One of the fastest growing trends amongst young women is the notion of a plus size blogger. Where this once would’ve been a touchy or taboo topic to talk about, many curvy and fuller figured women have started creating a culture of loving who they are (in a healthy way) and not giving into the “thin is in” fads that seem to never die.

We are huge supporters of all the beautiful bloggers out there who are becoming online role models for young girls who are still learning to love the skin they’re in, so we decided to chat to popular up-and-coming fashion blogger and TV host Marcy Guevara and find out more about the plus size blogging world.

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Marcy started out in the biz with her own Youtube show called ‘The Marcy Minute’ which was a series she would film from her house, talking about fashion, entertainment and anything else that was on her mind, and gained a huge following. Soon she started getting noticed by some big networks and publications which opened up some amazing opportunities for her, which all started with putting herself out there and creating her own content related to who she was and embracing everything Marcy Guevara.

All her life Marcy has had aspirations of being in the entertainment industry. But like many other young women she wasn’t sure how to pursue her dreams. She had always battled with the notion of not being rich or skinny enough. She had a full time job working at a major Hollywood casting agent’s office, but decided to leave after a couple of years to really focus on her own dreams, as opposed to just a paycheck.

Taking that leap of faith has paid off in many ways for Marcy, who has now become a role model to other plus size fashionistas and entertainers out there. She certainly never expected it to happen but it has been a beautiful added bonus of pursuing her passion.

Marcy first appeared on national TV screens in 2010 on season 2 of VH1‘s reality series ‘You’re Cut Off’ featuring a group of well-to-do young women forced to live like the rest of average Americans; without wealth. In July 2011 the editor of Marie Claire’s ‘Big Girl in a Skinny World’ column found her on twitter and approached her to write for them after coming across her on twitter, but she initially declined. Fast forward to January 2012 and she was approached this time to host their online version of the show which she jumped at the chance to do. From that gig the Rachael Ray execs spotted her and asked her to shoot a few guest fashion spots on the show.

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Marcy Marie Claire

This was the start of her journey and has given her a unique position in the entertainment industry. Marcy says the plus-size fashion blogging world is still fairly new and not as saturated as the rest of the industry. While so far Marcy has been successful, it of course doesn’t come without negatives.

She claims fat taunts are the new form of racism. After her appearance on VH1’s ‘You’re Cut Off’, she received a lot of negativity on twitter from people calling her fat. They ignored the fact that she was rather bitchy and mean and just focused on her appearance. While this could’ve threatened her self-esteem, she still battled on and this seemed to anger her detractors even more. Marcy soon realized from now being in the public eye that there are a lot of (negative) misconceptions about various plus sized women and personalities.

“Some would think I was promoting obesity and saw it as a negative that I was so confident on camera and online. But everyone deserves to feel pretty. People don’t just wake up and decide to be fat. They are the way they are for a variety of reasons, but we’re all just all typical “cupcake eaters” like some would think” she emphasizes.

So what is the challenge in balancing a healthy lifestyle and accepting who you are s a plus size woman? “For me it is celebrating my body and understanding how to balance that with what I believe is healthy for myself.”

She says genetics play a huge part in determining what healthy is for each person and you can’t make generalizations about why a person is “fat”. It works both ways for Marcy, because while she has gained a lot of respect and credibility from the plus size community, losing weight can also have its negative connotations. “I have to be really careful whenever I talk about weight loss.”

While it angers us the plus size phenomenon is still separate from so-called “mainstream” entertainment, there are pioneers, like Marcy who are definitely looked upon as the game changers. Just look at Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy who are considered the more solid-bodied plus sized women. Then there is Sofia Vergara and Man Men’s Christina Hendricks who are the curvy fuller figured women. But we want to see an entertainment industry landscape where the bigger women are not just the token joker, but the leading roles, the love interests and the characters audiences should aspire to be like.



These women are essentially swimming upstream when it comes to challenging the typical Hollywood body image mold and making it work. But if you go back in history to Marylin Monroe, Jane Mansfield and the “sex sirens” of the 50s and 60s, bigger was better. So perhaps the trend is coming around again, this time no doubt with more vigor as the awareness of accepting all body shapes and types has been a sensitive issue among young women of our generation.

Marcy doesn’t seem fazed about the way different body types are categorized in the media, because she knows this will change. For her it’s not about focusing on the way she looks so much as what she does. Fashion and beauty are her passions and she is using her position as a plus size advocate to be a spokesperson for other girls out there.

So what are the secrets to success in the plus size world according to Marcy Guevara?

First her advice to other young women:
“It starts with Confidence. Get out of those sweat pants and do what you need to do to feel good about yourself. For me I like to listen to music and pretend the sidewalk I’m on is my own personal runway. Confidence is not something you can buy in a serum, lotion, injection, pill etc. You have to create it from the inside out. Each of us has something unique to offer.”

Next, her advice on breaking into the plus size fashion world:
“We need more plus size women in the fashion world. Bodies that are bigger need different representatives to those of thinner women. If it is something you are passionate about, start a blog and bring a unique perspective. Look for contributor opportunities and find a platform you can use.”
She divulges that Plus Model Magazine area great resource for women wanting to become a plus size model.

Her secret to having the right confidence to be on camera:
“Feeling held back by your weight means something has to change. The bottom line is, you need to acquire confidence. Not everyone in this world is meant to be on TV, but your weight or attitude shouldn’t ever hold you back from doing what you love. Whatever is holding you back, change it or get over it.”

Her bold attitude shows that there is nothing women can’t do. It also shows us it’s not about focusing on the physical aspect but creating an attitude and a culture that forces others to look at what you have to offer, not simply what you are wearing. This will be the key to shifting industry stereotypes and traditions.

The thing that struck us most when meeting with Marcy was that she is a real person, not a fake “made for TV’ character and that is something she counts as one of the reasons she does what she does. She is someone who is using her voice and passion to break down stereotypes and misconceptions of curvy women in the media and what they struggle with daily to reach their

“That is the most important thing about being a role model. I love that people can watch me and aspire to be like me because I do embrace who I am and I hope others will too.”




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