Olivia Wilde To Aspiring Actresses: Never Wear Short Skirts To Auditions!

Tron: Legacy and House actress Olivia Wilde was part of Marie Claire Magazine’s Power Of Presence event in New York last Wednesday which focused on women in the workforce.

The event featured Wilde, designer Rachel Roy, and CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell who talked to the group of invitees about gender issues in the workplace and the situations and thought patterns that have shaped their careers.

Olivia spoke about one of her first jobs in entertainment being an assistant to Hollywood casting director Mali Finn, and an important lesson she learned during a casting session.

“I remember an actress coming in wearing a too-short dress. And after she left, Mali said, ‘Why was she wearing that dress? She’s a joke, I’m not meeting with her ever again.’ And this girl was never heard from again.

Then a few days later, I was going for an audition and I was wearing this huge cashmere turtleneck and pants, thinking I looked very ‘executive.’ As I was walking out of the office, Mali said, ‘Olivia, what are you wearing? I said I was going to a meeting, and she said, ‘Oh! You can’t wear that! You have to wear something tight and sexy.’

I was so confused, because I had just learned this lesson of this actress who wore the short skirt and now her career is over. So she said, ‘You’re going to meet a male executive. You have to learn this game, you have to learn when to use sexuality and beauty and appearance in general, and when it’s inappropriate. That was my first kind of dunk into the world of Hollywood. It gives you this idea of the contradiction that exists, really in all fields.”

It certainly can be confusing as a young attractive woman trying to make her way in the workforce! Thank goodness for people like Olivia Wilde willing to share some helpful advice. Unfortunately even in 2012, there is still a misconception that you need to “use” your sexuality and body to get ahead, especially in the entertainment industry.

If you are an aspiring actress don’t fall into the trap of trying the “get fame quick” method which involves all sorts of compromising your standards and beliefs. One you compromise once, what’s to stop it from continually happening?

The message should be clear to all young aspiring career women: Don’t sell out! Your beauty and sexuality are special to you, don’t give it away in exchange for a job or a promised-opportunity. Any situation that requires you to give away some part of yourself or your standards that are not for sale, is definitely as opportunity you should steer clear from. The right jobs, people, and opportunities come to those who work hard, do their research and are willing to start from the bottom.

Thank you Olivia for speaking up and using your influence to help young aspiring actresses and career women everywhere.

Are you an actress who has encountered situations where you are tempted to compromise for fear of losing an opportunity? What about in other industries?




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