Naomi Campbell Is “Proud” of Tyra Banks. Wait… what?!?

Yep its true. They were reported to be arch nemeses for a long time now, but it seems now that Naomi Campbell is trying the model reality show thing out she realizes she needs to eat humble pie and pay homage to the pioneer in that market, Tyra Banks.

The 41 year old Supermodel who is known for her temper and controversies is set to launch her first reality show called ‘The Face’ which will air on US network Oxygen this month. She is looking for the next face in the modelling world who will then represent Ulta Beauty brand in the United States. Campbell is not only the creator of the show but will also serve as judge, alongside Canadian model Coco Rocha and Victoria’s Secret babe Karoline Kurkova. Interestingly, photographer Nigel Barker who had long-served as a judge on Banks’ America’s Next Top Model is the host of Campbell’s new show, after Banks fired the entire cast (except herself of course) at the end of cycle 18.

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Naomi sat down with Elle Magazine for their February issue and spoke about Tyra and The Face. I guess this is the start of the “new Naomi” where she is no longer a brat, diva, or a bitch. Well, only a little bit for ratings purposes of course!

When asked how her show will be different from that of ANTM she diplomatically says “I don’t watch the other reality model shows. I’ll never have anything to say.” She also goes one step further to remark “If you ask me about Tyra Banks I’m proud of her as a woman of color. She’s given girls opportunity, and God bless her.”


It is nice to finally see this gesture from Naomi. Tyra has previously interviewed Campbell on her talk show in an attempt to bury the hatchet for the decade-long feud. Perhaps it was because of the publicity relating to The Face, or maybe Naomi Campbell really is sick of all the controversy plaguing her career. We hope this new venture for her will force her to grow up a little bit, come alongside her fellow model and ‘woman of color’ to promote sisterhood, encouragement and empowerment amongst women.

The fashion industry is hard enough for young women. So we think icons of the industry like Tyra and Naomi should be the ones leading the way to show young women it is better to get along rather than trample on each other. It is time to get rid of the bitchy attitudes that are so prevalent in fashion and show the industry stalwarts that being in competition doesn’t mean you can’t get along and support other young women.

What do you think of Naomi’s comments about Tyra Banks and her supposed change in heart toward their long feud? Is it just immature or about time it was dropped?

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