Musician & Mom Alicia Keys Can Now Add ‘Global Creative Director Of Blackberry’ To Her Resume

This girl is on Fire!

Yesterday phone giant Blackberry held its ‘BlackBerry 10’ launch event in New York, which is the company’s new mobile operating system. While it was supposed to be focused on the new OS and what it offers,  what upstaged any tech-speak was an announcement by the company’s CEO Thorsten Heins. He brought multiple Grammy-winning musician Alica Keys on stage and announced she is the new Global Creative Director of Blackberry!

alicia-keys-Thorsten Heins

This is a great appointment for Blackberry, as they needed to do something drastic to vamp up their product! While Alicia Keys is an avid Instagram user yet claims to have a blackberry (Instagram is not yet available for Blackberry users…) she said at the conference she wants to user her appointment as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the work phone and the play phone.

Alica Keys

“I was in a long-term relationship with BlackBerry and then I started to notice some new, hotter, attractive, sexier phones at the gym. I kinda broke up with you for something with a little more bling,” she told Heins. “I always missed the way you organized my life and the way you were there for me at my job. So I started to have two phones, I was playing the field. But then you called and you said you were working it out. And now, we are exclusively dating again.”

This new role is also an opportunity for Keys to show her influence as an accomplished woman in music, saying she is looking forward to working together with other women and entertainers for Blackberry. She is an award-winning musician, working mom and wife and it shows the type of influence people like Alica can have on fans. Her public image has always been that of a wholesome, hard-working, honest and raw individual. And it is easy to see she is well respected in corporate sectors too.

Other celebs who have teamed up with major companies include Lady Gaga for Polaroid, and Will.i.Am for Intel.

It seems the music industry and technology are becoming more and more intertwined, especially with the market being flooded with apps and programs specifically targeting musicians. It makes sense to appoint the leaders of the music industry such a role as Creative Director as they know how to make the music that fans want, and they know the type of technology they need to create it.

Alicia said at the conference her role will be very hands on, and not just an appointment where she appears in their commercials and print advertising. “I am going to work closely with the app designers and developers, the content creators, the retailers and the carriers to really explore this BlackBerry 10 platform and create ideas for its future.”


What do you think of Alica Keys being appointed Blackberry’s new Global Creative Director? Do you think it is a gimmick or will she bring an edge to the company?


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