Move Over Carrie Bradshaw, Our London Fashionista Saffy Shares Her “Ten Tips For A Successful Internship”

We recently teamed up with a savvy London Fashionista by the name of Saffy. She has her own blog, has a passion for fashion and most of all, wants to share her experiences as an intern with all you future Diane Von Furstenbergs or Anna Wintours.

She has worked as a fashion intern for some major brands and we thought what better way to inspire our readers than to give you her top ten tips for carving out a successful career for yourselves.

You don’t need to be a Carrie Bradshaw or even any of the girls from Sex and the City. All you need is intelligence, quick thinking, and to love what you do. If you have no desire to work in the fashion industry but are about to embark on an internship of any sort, then Saffy’s blog post can definitely help you out. It’s not just about being a fashion intern, it is about making the most of an opportunity that will hopefully open many doors and acquire you numerous contacts for the career of your choice!

Here’s what Saffy had to share…

The Devil Wears Prada

Hey guys! As I’ve had so much experience in the field and have had numerous Internships, I thought I’d share some of my tips with you – Especially if the internship you’re about to get into is in the Fashion world..

1- This is probably the most important and obvious one, but make sure you actually have in interest in the company. Otherwise you won’t enjoy your time there.

2- Make sure you do your research so you feel comfortable on your first day. Knowledge is key!

3- I can’t stress this enough but always aim to be there 10mins early, Seriously it’s better to be safe than sorry. Leaving extra room for any last minute situations will leave you less stressed and give you the ability to handle anything.

4- Doing small work like making tea and making photocopies is a basic workplace skill and we’ve all had to do it as interns. I believe you’re never too good to do these things so just get used to it. It won’t be forever, but others will notice your commitment to the small things.

5- First day can always be stressful, but DO NOT give up, it’s a learning curve and it’ll all be worth it. Take everything on board, write notes, but don’t take anything personally. You are there to learn.

6- No one will tell you about your breaks, and when you do go on it expect to be buying everyone a salad or a Starbucks. Again this is a tradition but make sure you keep your receipts. Which brings me to point 7…

7- Keep your receipts for EVERYTHING. Your Department manager has too much going on to remember your expenses so it’s best you give it to her on a Monday morning, never a Friday. When she gets back to the office two days later, it is more than likely that your expenses will be at the bottom of her to do list! So be proactive and learn your Dept. Manager’s schedule, it will help you in the long run for things like this.

8 – Don’t use your phone during work hours, just put it away. It’s distracting, so unless it’s an emergency it is considered unprofessional. Smartphones are too addictive these days!

9- If you don’t know something just ask! This is so important not just in a Internship but also at your new job. While I was at Burberry I was so close to doing a few things wrong but one of the supervisors came up to me, knowing I was struggling and said “If you don’t know anything just ask, it’s the best policy!” – that way you won’t do wrong.

10- Keep calm and always smile – Pretty self explanatory right? It can be hard and there will be times when you’re running from one location to another to meet a deadline, but staying calm is so important. It’ll really help the day run smooth.

I often speak to so many people which need advice so please get in touch with me me if there are any other questions you may have with your internship, and most importantly good luck 🙂



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