Move Aside Barbie, You’re Done! A Better Model Just Showed Up

Debbie Sterling is a female engineer from Stanford University who not only loves her job, but was frustrated with the lack of knowledge about this profession for young girls out there. When they go to toy and department stores it’s all about Barbies, Barbies, Barbies.
Well not anymore! This brilliant mind and entrepreneur created something she hoped would inspire and entertain young girls at play, while subtly teaching them about the fundamentals of engineering 101.
Her creation is called Goldie Blox and as soon as I saw the first video I jumped out of my seat to share it with you all.

So it was a pretty ambitious idea as she didn’t know whether there was enough of need for a toy like this, or if anyone would be interested. Well not only did parents and buyers rush to her kickstarter page to help get this off the ground, but check out what happened next:

Go Debbie! It seems many parents out there were also fed up with the lack of educational toys out there and want something their young girls (and boys) can play with that will actually contribute to something valuable in their futures.

If you have a business idea that you believe is going to make a difference and better the lives of people, I suggest making a video and getting your kickstarter campaign going today!


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