Model Tells Teens: “Don’t Be A Kardashian”

Former model Nicole Clark has started an amazing movement called ‘Clever Girl Workshops’ where she goes into high schools around the United States and shows the next generation of young women there is more to life than being prized for your beauty.
Her words and intentions definitely hold a lot of weight especially because she was part of that industry for so long.
Nicole knows that mass media can be very confusing to a girl growing up who is battling who they are vs what the world out there tells them “they should be”.
One of her reasons for doing is because she wanted to inspire girls in school to pursue careers that aren’t founded simply on one’s physical appearance, or ability to be really bitchy. Amen!
Nicole also directed a documentary called ‘Cover Girl Culture’ which explores the impact of media on girls and women in our society. While exposing the shocking sexualization of girls by the media, her doco also offers solutions for them.

Nicole has had an amazing response by the girls in her workshop, that she is expanding her brand toward parents and educating them on how to be the best support system for their children growing up.

I am so in awe of the fact Nicole has used her elevated platform to sow some enlightened seeds into the next generation of young women. Who better to show these chicks how to ignore and decode all the false media messages than one who has been part of this industry herself? Bravo Nicole!

Do you have a desire to do something for the greater good? What is your passion and how will you use it in life?

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