Why Meghan McCain Wants More Women To Get Into Politics


Meghan McCain, daughter of US Senator and former US Presidential candidate John McCain, is one loud-mouthed young lady! And we love her for that. She spoke to Elle magazine about her new reality show on Pivot called Raising Mccain and of course, she couldn’t avoid the political questions.

The good thing is, she has no problem talking about her political views, even if they oppose her staunch republican father. Oh and by the way, she is a republican, but believes in gay marriage while also being a pro-life advocate. However she describes herself as a “liberal on social issues”. Confused? Don’t be. It turns out you shouldn’t be putting her, or any other young woman today in a box.

Let’s take her view on feminism, for example. We can’t help but think of Natalie Portman’s take on modern day feminism while reading Meghan’s reply.

“I don’t relate to the old adage that ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.’ I like having a man in my life, and I like male attention. Yet I still want equal pay and more women running for office. I do consider myself a post-feminist. I just want women to have choices—they can be CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or they can be stay-at-home mothers and raise their kids as a job.”

She is a true example of a modern day feminist because who says a republican can’t be for gay marriage? Who says a liberal has to agree on ALL the democratic issues? The answer is no one, and women like Meghan are defining a generation who are pushing the boundaries and setting new standards.

“I’ve been accused of being anti-feminist…But the idea that you can’t be a Republican and pro-life and still be a feminist is dangerous. I am pro-life, but I’m not for repealing Roe v. Wade. I don’t want to tell other people what to do with their bodies.”

Meghan is a girl who ain’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers. She has a way of presenting her views that are unapologetic, yet strong. There is no way she is going to be swayed by popular opinion. While she has great respect for Sheryl Sandberg, there are some points she disagrees on in her Lean In book.

“I think Sheryl Sandberg’s doing a lot of good things, but I don’t agree with the whole ‘the best decision you could make is who you marry’ statement in the book. I don’t meet a lot of great guys. A lot of people have dating issues, and how can your success ever be determined by a man? She’s such a cool woman and on top of Facebook, but that didn’t sit well with me.”

While Meghan and her mum have spoken openly in favor of gay marriage, her father is yet to agree with her views. It seems not being swayed by popular opinion runs in her family and that’s a good trait! It means she is passionate about what she believes in.

And when it comes to modern day politics, which is a huge issue for millenial women right now because of healthcare especially, Meghan has a couple of thoughts on why she urges more women to get involved in the industry.

“A lot of the issues in this country would be solved if more women were running for office. We do shit better. We handle things.”

We may be a little bias, buuuut we happen to agree! So ladies, is there an issue you feel strongly about? Do you want to make a real difference in the world? Perhaps you should consider a career in politics. If it’s important and relevant enough for Cosmo Magazine, and Meghan McCain, then we need to start taking an interest in the issues that concern us.

After all, we can’t keep leaving it up to the men to take care of the issues that concern us, right?!



  1. I like her too! And she is right we need more women who are willing to be in politics! Men just don’t get it on a lot of the issues!

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