Meet The World’s Longest Married Couple

Karam Chand, 100 and his wife Katari have been married for 87 years and are officially the worlds longest married couple and are in the process of being confirmed and placed into the Guinness World Records.
Together they have 8 children and 28 grandchildren. They are originally from Punjab in India but now reside in Bradford, UK.
They say that even today they do little things to keep the romance alive! Some of their secrets include laughing each day, making romantic meals, not spending too much time apart, listening to each other, staying faithful, and being tolerant of one another.

Karam says nowadays there are far too many factors involved in marriages and relationships crumbling. We have too many distractions in our society that we don’t fully take the time to listen to each other and spend time.
‘Relationships are about understanding one another and listening to concerns and problems, so my advice to men and women is to listen to their partners, show interest in what they are saying and help them overcome any worries or problems they are going through,’ he said.

What a beautiful story of a love that is so simple yet they make it work. They definitely inspire me to want to have a relationship that can stand the test of time.

Who are your inspirations in life when it comes to relationships? Do you have any crazy relationship stories you want to share?

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