Meet The First Women Set To Play Football In The NFL. Seriously!

Whether you are an NFL fan or not, remember the name Lauren Silberman as she is about to make history as the first female NFL player ever.

The 28 year old New Yorker is set to try out as kicker for the New York jets and tells the press she hopes her appearance at the New York Jets’ regional combine in New Jersey this weekend will inspire others (especially young girls interested in sport) to “realize their dreams.”

Lauren Silberman regional combine tryouts

Lauren is a smart, educated and passionate young woman who has thought about this process long and hard. Her decision to try out for the NFL doesn’t come from a rebellious attitude but a calculated effort to change an institution to include more women.

She wrote a Master’s thesis at MIT about how athletes use video games to enhance their own performance. She then founded a consulting company Double Play that helps athletes use video games for virtual training purposes.

She is not fussed by all the media attention she is getting, as she probably knew it would happen. She wants to use all the publicity as a means to inspire others.

“The media has shone a spotlight on the chance for women athletes to participate at the highest level of this sport. I hope my efforts inspire others to get out there to try and realize their dreams. I am very proud to be the first woman to try out for the NFL, but I won’t be the last.”

Lauren Silberman press

In fact, she wasn’t even aware she was the first female to try out at the regional combines. “I was actually hoping that the 2012 historical milestone rule, to allow women to play, would prompt more women to attend tryouts this year. But for me, what’s important is to finally have a chance to fulfill my dreams by trying out to play in the world’s most competitive football league,” she told


She played soccer growing up as a young girl and after a friend filmed her kicking a field goal, she was encouraged to try out for the NFL to realize her dreams.

It is incredible to see that a simple word of encouragement and not giving up on a dream because of your gender or status can be the start of something amazing. The thought of a woman playing in the NFL against other men seems like a ridiculous idea, right?!? We have to admit, we are even shocked about the thought. But who is to say the rules cannot be changed? And they were!

Lauren Silberman kicking Lauren Silberman kicking 2

Lauren Silberman kicking 3

She told NFL AM TV show that if she doesn’t make it in this time, she certainly hopes to perfect her kicking technique, meet interesting people, and more than anything inspire other women to go after their passion if their passion is football.


So for all you girls out there thinking you need to have a “plan B” because you will never be able to play in the NFL, don’t give up hope just yet. The rules are changing, and the doors of opportunity are certainly widening. It only takes a spark to start a fire, so what kind of fire will you start this week in your world?


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