Meet Britain’s Most Selfless Mother

Meet mum of the century, British woman Julie Jones! Her story is truly remarkable.

She is a working mother with three teenage sons of her own. Her best friend Caroline Atkin died 2 years ago from a brain tumor. Caroline had 5 children, and her own husband also died suddenly 6 months previously. Julie made a promise to her best friend to take care of her 5 children after she passed away, and overnight became a mother of 8.

Their extraordinary story started way back in 1979 when they were 11, became lifelong friends and had both witnessed each others marriages, babies, careers and family lives.

Julie is herself a single mother, works 40 hours a week and only receives child benefits. Despite her own personal grief at the loss of her best friend, she has become a shining example of love to her new children, and an inspiration to those in her community.

Her story has become recognised and she received the Tesco Compassionate Mum of the Year award in London for her actions.

But while we think wow what an amazing story and woman, Julie doesn’t blink an eyelid, as she knows it was the right thing to do and didn’t have to think twice to honor the legacy of her beautiful friend. (Caroline pictured on the right below).

‘I never wonder for a second if I did the right thing. There was never any question. What kind of a friend would I have been if I’d turned my back on Caroline’s children? I couldn’t have lived with myself.’

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