Education Advocate Malala, Shot By The Taliban, Released From Hospital

15 year old Pakistani revolutionary Malala Yousufzai who was shot in the head by the Taliban in October 2012 has finally been released from hospital.

Nurses and doctors who have been treating her say she has been recovering well and is confidently walking around after her facial surgery.

The story made headlines when the young school girl became an outspoken advocate for educating women in her home country. The Taliban targeted her and shot her through the head saying she was promoting “western thinking” and obviously wanted her silenced.


Since her injuries and the incident became news around the world, many in her home town of Swat Village have been protesting in her honor and to also fight for female education.

While the Taliban have threatened to target her again, this will not stop young Malala, who will now stay in Britain with her dad. Her father, Ziauddin, has been appointed Pakistani education attache in Birmingham. The three year position guarantees that Malala will stay in the UK for the entire time. For confidentiality and safety reasons the hospital did not discuss to the press what Malala’s education plans will be while in England.

Malala hopes to one day return to her village to continue fighting for education and helping her friends. It is a sad and sorry state of affairs when men, groups and bullies in this world are willing to kill a human being who is merely trying to do something positive with her life.

“Malala is a strong young woman and has worked hard with the people caring for her to make excellent progress in her recovery, said Dr. Dave Rosser, the medical director of the University Hospitals Birmingham who’s overseen her care. She has received well wishes from many people including former Prime Minister to the UK, Gordon Brown.

It shows there is much work to do in countries like Pakistan where basic rights afforded to us in the west are thought of as a distant luxury to others.

Malala was included in Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year 2012’ shortlist which shows was a courageous beacon of hope she has become to many. We hope her story will continue to inspire other young girls in Pakistan to not give up on their education.

We also hope it will encourage all you young women who live in western countries to pursue your education as it will be a key component in your future.

Are you inspired by brave Malala, this 15 year old ordinary girl who is making a stand for education?