Looking To Become A Billionaire? Design Something Every Woman Wants.

Is there anything more inspiring for business women than reading about another female entrepreneur billionaire? Nope, I didn’t think so!

We just read the news that designer Tory Burch has just joined the ‘B’ club, at a mere 47 years of age becoming America’s second youngest self-made billionaire, behind 41 year old Sarah Blakely who created the multi-billionaire Spanx empire, all according to Forbes.


Tory is well-known by women everywhere for created her signature ballet flats costing $200. Sounds like an extravagant price for a pair of flat shoes, but it did wonders for her brand and was a smart decision to go against the grain when every other high fashion shoe designer is trying to corner the high heels market.

tory_burch_ballet flats

Tory’s ex husband Chris Burch, who she founded the company with, just sold half of his 28% share in the company which is now valued at $3.3 Billion and lines Tory’s pocket nicely. Chris Burch will hold onto a 15% share in the company’s stakes, which will no doubt continue to grow with the brand.

Tory Burch LLC sells handbags, shoes, dresses and eyeglasses through more than 80 Tory Burch retail stores and other outlets, such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

A self-described tomboy, Tory’s interest in fashion wasn’t sparked until she bought a prom dress during her senior year in high school. She was just an ordinary girl growing up in a family whose father was also a business man.

Successful business women like Tory inspire us to realize that anything is possible. Success isn’t just measured by your net worth, what you wear, or how you look, but is determined by how you spend your life and what you do with your talents and passions.

Sarah Blakely, the Spanx creator famously has never advertised her product, never worked in or studied fashion, never took out a loan but used $5000 of her own money initially, and just had a fantastic sales pitch which launched her underwear empire.

I love telling this story to my friends who are wanting to start a business but easily get defeated thinking of what they don’t have. Start with what you do already possess and fuel that with perseverance, research, passion and heart and watch how your idea will unfold.

If you started your own business what would it be and how would you start?



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