Leave X-Tina Alone!! Words Won’t Bring Her Down…

In case you missed it last night on TV, Christina Aguilera performed at the American Music Awards, and showed what an absolute diva and fantastic performer she is! While it may have been Justin Bieber that won big in the awards department, apparently the press decided X-tina A) was the biggest loser when it came to her outfits, and B) they haven’t yet finished bullying her about her weight.

It was sad to see. She has worked so hard putting together what already sounds like is going to be a killer album, Lotus, yet why are we continuing to pull her down? If she is comfortable with who she is in her own skin why do we have to go out of our way to make sure we tell her we don’t approve as a society? I wonder if the people who write these harsh blog posts and news items take a look at themselves before they berate and slander celebs…Probz not!

It got me thinking about how powerful and hurtful words can be. In her song ‘Beautiful‘ Christina croons “I am beautiful, no matter what they say, words won’t bring me down…” Yet I am sure there are times when the pressure has gotten to her. Going through a divorce publicly, being berated for her previously failed album ‘bionic’, and picking herself up to rise again has got to be hard! I watched a ‘Dateline’ interview with her on Friday night and I was so struck at her spirit and resilience. She doesn’t harbor hatred or bitterness, she just doesn’t care anymore and has learned not to let those hurtful words get to her and affect her life.

After watching that, the next day I happened to download a book called ‘God Loves Ugly’ by Nashville musician Christa Black. It was reading a friend’s tweet that led me to the purchase. While you may not recognize her name, she has toured with some of the worlds biggest artists from The Jonas Brothers, to Jordin Sparks. Her book (what I have read so far) details her upbringing, how she developed insecurities and body image issues, and how she is now using her life and platform to reach out to other girls going through the same thing.

She talks about her battle with an eating disorder from which she nearly committed suicide. She details the struggles of being called ugly, a dog, a pig, and other hurtful damaging words as she was a young girl and how these led to the issues that plagued most of her 20s. It made me realize once again that words are important, words hurt, words also have the power of life and death.

Here are some quotes that stood out to me: “Words create. They can be the most powerful things in the world, motivating one group to hate another for nothing more than skin color or religion, or convincing thousands to follow charismatic leaders to their death by drinking poisonous punch. Words can move people to anger and violence or to love and peace.”

“Words are some of the most powerful things in the world. They can create insecurity or security. They can create the motivation to change or the discouragement to stay the same. They can create whole people, or they can destroy lives.”

We all use many words each day and sometimes don’t realize how damaging they can be to ourselves and to others. I know I am very guilty of this and want to make a mindful conscious effort to be better about this. I really encourage every young women out there to get a copy of Christa’s Book. You will not be able to put it down! Perhaps even Kristin Stewart has been reading it…?

I want to end with a challenge to each one of us this week, in the lead up to Thanksgiving, the holiday season in general and as we look ahead to 2013: How will you choose to better yourself today? Are you willing to make an effort to be mindful of the words you speak? Will you use them to build someone up or destroy them?

Bringing it back to Christina Aguilera again, her latest track from Lotus ‘Make the World Move’ has some beautiful and poignant lyrics: “Turn up the Love, turn down the Hate”.

This is the word I often like to live by, as my name means Hope and it is something I cling to daily:

Until next time…

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  1. I don’t think Christina has ever looked better personally

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