Is It Possible For Working Mothers To Balance Career and Kids Successfully?

After a long day of work a mother looking at her kids sleeping peacefully is the most heart warming feeling you could feel. Honestly, your heart just melts. It makes it easy to forget less than 20 minutes ago everyone was running through the house like lunatics. Just 45 minutes before that you were lugging your work bag, a diaper bag, and your six year old’s backpack to the front door, whilst all 3 kids are running through the courtyard laughing. Just an hour before that, you swore you were too tired to continue but being in their presence you have a new burst of energy.

Working a full-time job and handling 3 rambunctious kids is no easy task, but still worth every minute I get to spend with them.  Learning to balance work and being a mom is a true test of my sanity and willingness to be a great mother and provider.
The question that remains is, how do I balance both worlds? I’m a woman who is always up for proving to myself how strong I truly am. Longer work hours: bring it! 3 people to love equally, yes! Lets do this. I-am-ready! The fear of missing so much, whoa! Stop. That’s what I had to accept as my reality.

I’ll be honest, I envied stay at home moms. They have the ability to see their little person grow at every moment and not miss anything. I wanted that, but in reality I couldn’t. Work had to be just as much of a priority as being a Mother was. I had to find that balance.

Being a mom at 19 wasn’t what I pictured. I’m thankful everyday although I was young my mom instilled a strong work ethic. When Mikey made his debut June 20, 2006 I realized then, that my mom also instilled in me a mothers’ devotion to her child.
The true test came when Mikey was 3, and I accepted the opportunity to begin a career in the Entertainment Industry. Working hard to establish myself meant some nights were longer than others. But I was ok with it I made it work. This was a career I wanted to pursue and excel in. Two years later Elle & Ava debuted August 9, 2011. That’s when I had to make the decision to follow my dreams or stay still and wait in hope that another opportunity would come by to grow in the industry.

working mom

I pursued the opportunity. I didn’t think I could do it. I thought I was being the worst mother in existence for taking on the job. Dedicating 12 plus hours for 6 days. I made sure to give my one off day to my kids. Just to be in their presence in our makeshift tent meant the world to me. During that time was when I realized it was about learning to balance both worlds. That sometimes giving up on cocktail hour to Network had to wait until next time because of a Parent Conference. Or having to come into work a little later for shots for the twins. I had to miss a few of Mikey’s practices but I was at every game. That time was and still can be rough, but still doable. I’m always up to bend but not break.

Living for, and being the best mother I can be for my kids is always top priority. Learning to become a great provider as well can stand almost equal, but my kids will always be on top. Understanding that every decision I make I have the best intentions for my family firmly in mind. Loving them is just as important as loving them with a roof over their head, and their tummies full provided by my hard work.

I’d rather my kids grow up and say, “Mom worked a lot sometimes, but she never missed time for us. She found the balance”. And I’d be perfectly fine with that.

Tatiana B

Tatiana B is a Los Angeles Native, the middle child of 3 girls, she’s the sane one of course! She is a mom to 3 beautiful kids, one boy and twin daughters. When she’s not working as the Production Secretary for Americas Next Top Model she spends her time exploring and enjoying time with her kids.
Tatiana sees herself as a motivator for others. Not just for her kids but also to motivate the next extraordinary woman. She wants to help them see if she can accomplish so much with 3 kids in tow you can do the same with 1 or none. The Mantra she lives by is: If everyone can wake-up believing and accepting Women are power, we can change the world.



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