Is Airbrushing Fat ONTO A Model The New Trend In Magazines?

It seems every new ‘It’ model that comes along can start a trend, depending on what the consumers want. Curvier Models like Kate Upton have been cited as the reason magazines are now airbrushing more meat onto female bodies as she is a hot item at the moment.

kate_upton’s Diana Falzone interviewed a few models on her show and it was interesting to hear some of them say they have been airbrushed beyond recognition in some cases!

They say being airbrushed is just part and parcel of the industry, which is completely understandable. Fixing up a fold in a dress, a hair out of place, smoothing out the skin a bit, these are all things we would expect to see polished in an ad campaign. But when it dramatically changes the shape and proportions of a models body to portray something completely unrealistic an unattainable to readers, that’s where the problem lies.

Guest on the show and model Nicalina tells Falzone that although Plus Size models are becoming more and more popular, the industry is not about to change altogether because of this trend.

Hmmm, well we’ll see about that. If the Kate Upton trend is anything to go by, and seeing more and more curvier woman take center stage in leading Hollywood roles, perhaps we as consumers have the power to change what is popular simple by our choices.

Model Sherita Rankins says the reality of the business, unfortunately, is that plus size models will always be a separate division and to be a high fashion model you have to be a size zero or two.


Watch the girls on Fox and see if you agree with their statements.

Do you think the fashion industry is slowly moving toward a more healthy image of women or will the curvy, plus size women always be considered not high fashion enough?


  1. The video was great but i’m doing a school project and i need some facts on Airbrushing can anyone help me?

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