Imagine If Tabloid Magazines Cared About Real Women As Much As Celeb Gossip?


It finally happened. A campaign which benefits real working women and single moms has asked a question that most of us have been wondering aloud for ages, and have been waiting for the media to catch on.

“What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?”

This amazing new campaign was created by Woodgreen, a social services agency in Toronto, Canada, and helps people find affordable housing, jobs, childcare, healthcare and live a fulfilling life in their community.

Doesn’t it just make sense that we should be caring about those things than what a celebrity is wearing, dating, or doing? We live in a society that is obsessed with celebrity culture, meanwhile, some single mothers struggle every day just to provide the basics for their children.

Woodgreen has just started a program called ‘Homeward Bound’ where they help single mothers earn college degrees and diplomas so they can start their careers.

They created mock-up campaign posters and even a video featuring two Entertainment Tonight-like reporters talking about real single mothers and the struggles they face, in the same vein they would talk about the latest tabloid gossip. It is pretty genius and awesome!

Denise Rossetto, executive creative director at DDB Canada who made the video said: “Our creative is a parody of popular celebrity media culture, but instead of celebrity-focused stories, it features hard-hitting headlines about struggling single mothers and the real hardships they face each day.  Learning about celebrities is fun, but we want people to recognize that there are many others who are in greater need of our attention and support.”

“It’s a difficult task to try to get people to care about the less fortunate through advertising. I don’t know if rubbing people’s faces in their celebrity obsessions will work, but I like the idea.” So do we, and it’s about time this message was put out there boldly!

The posters look like covers of People magazine, featuring headlines such as “No money to pay the rent” and “Tanya tries to avoid eviction”.

Perhaps these images and the video below should be a wake up all for us all to care more about the people in our lives rather than superficiality.

Thank you Woodgreen for starting an important conversation which we hope will go a long way to improving the lives of women who need it the most. To see videos about the women featured in the campaign, head over to the Woodgreen Youtube Channel.

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  1. Hooray for them!!! The USA needs to do this also! It is funny and head shaking to see what stupid thing the “stars” did today, but we can’t help them!!! We can help real people tho and we need to be aware of what is going on and how we can help those in need. I will say that a lot of the “stars” do have causes and use their money to help people. Most of them are the mature ones that have seen the good they can do with their fame. These young ones have no direction, too much money, and too little brains.

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