Husband Shaves Head In Solidarity For Pregnant Wife Undergoing Chemo

Reddit user Slamhead had no idea he was going to cause such a viral stir on the internet after his post titled ‘Hair Shaving Extravaganza’.

While we don’t know their actual names, the story is that Slamhead’s wife is pregnant, and also has stage 2 breast cancer. So instead of just watching her go through the ordeal and being the sympathetic hand-holder, he decided he too would shave his head out of solidarity.

Many commenters on the site were asking details as they were very interested in their story. Apparently “Slamlady” and “Slambaby” are doing alright as the prognosis is good for both, husband assured Reddit-ers.

He was also kind enough to tell concerned commenters that his wife was 34 weeks along, but more importantly, her oncologist said chemotherapy will not harm the baby. A study conducted in Europe by the German Breast Group on 400 pregnant women showed little to no signs of negative health effects on babies whose mother underwent the treatment.

It is so touching to see a post like this go viral, to see how we really are always in search of a good love story! We wish them all the best, and be sure to follow their journey on Reddit as no doubt they will be posting a picture of lil’ Slambaby when he or she arrives.


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