Harry Potter Actress Bonnie Wright Becomes Global Poverty Project Ambassador

Actress Bonnie Wright, 21, best known for her role as Ginnie Weasley in the Harry Potter Series is using her platform to highlight a very important cause. She recently took a trip to Senegal with Oxfam and was inspired to do something after seeing the severe food shortage in the country.

Global Poverty Project and Oxfam regularly work together to champion the role of small-scale farmers and co-operatives in helping to feed the world fairly and sustainably. Wright was inspired by her trip and has now been recruited by the Global Poverty Project as a celebrity Ambassador. She now wants to make it her personal mission to be involved with ending extreme poverty.

She made her debut as ambassador at the recent Co-operatives United festival in Manchester, UK which also celebrated the culmination of the UN-backed International Year of Co-operatives.

She gave a presentation on what exactly extreme poverty is, what can be done about it and the barriers stopping the end of poverty. She also described her personal experience working with Oxfam and GPP. “I became an ambassador to share and learn what we can do,” she said.

Global Poverty Project UK director (and a close personal friend of mine from Australia) Elisha London described Extreme Poverty as being a slavery issue for our generation. Wow, those are powerful words.

By having Bonnie as a recognizable face on board, the organization are hoping to bring the issue to light to many more people. They aim to show uninformed people that poverty is still a very real and dire issue. For most of us who live in the western hemisphere it doesn’t necessarily mean going to an African country to get involved. Check out the ‘Live Below the Line’ initiative in which you can pledge to literally live below the poverty line in every day life to experience what life is like in one of those countries, and raise money in the process. Why not think about getting involved in 2013?

Thank you Bonnie for getting involved in such a worthwhile cause and showing a generation of young women that this is something important, not trashy entertainment and tabloid gossip.

If you stripped away all the superficial and unsubstantial things from your everyday life, what is a worthwhile cause that you could get involved in and become passionate about?




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