Greenpeace Forces Victoria’s Secret To Get Rid Of Hormone Disrupting Chemicals In Its Underwear

Environmental group Greenpeace is doing a major overhaul of the fashion world! Greenpeace demands fashion brands commit to zero discharge of all hazardous chemicals by 2020. They have put the pressure on the industry to go green and detox from their harmful practices and so far some major companies such as Levi’s, Mango and Zara have jumped at the chance to be part of something positive. Well now Greenpeace can add some sexy Angel Wings to this group as Victoria’s Secret have also decided to get involved with their “Detox Angels”.

Following a Greenpeace investigations, parent company Limited Brands says it will join the efforts to complete a major detox by 2020, making Victoria’s Secret one of the latest brands to work toward a greener future. Limited Brands says that it plans to clean up production as to not hurt the environment at large and “eliminate hazardous chemical use” in products. Specifically this would apply to “a hormone-disrupting phthalate in underwear purchased from Victoria’s Secret in the United States,” according to the Greenpeace press release.

miranda Kerr VS

“We found that 20 of the world’s favorite brands are making and selling clothes containing hazardous chemicals which contribute to toxic water pollution where the clothes are made and washed” said Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner John Deans. “The use of these toxic chemicals is an industry wide problem that is turning us all into fashion victims.”

That’s a little scary! I bet you didn’t know you were wearing hormone-disrupting underwear when buying the latest VS designs. We think this is a great initiative that Greenpeace are offering. It is good for an industry like fashion to look inward and see what messages they are putting out there to their consumers.

If more and more popular brands become aware of the harmful chemicals they include in their products and commit to giving us only the best, then they will continue to win our respect and deserve our hard-earned dollars for a lot longer.


What do you guys think about this green initiative? Do you know of any other products or brands that should be part of the Greenpeace overhaul? Tell us below!


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