Girl Talk HQ Launches During A Momentous Week!

Welcome to Girl Talk HQ everyone! I am Asha K, creator and founder of this wonderful site which aims to empower and inspire young women everywhere. I was so excited to get this project off the ground, as it had been an idea that was growing and growing for nearly 2 years, and finally came to fruition this past month.

I wasn’t quite sure to what capacity Girl Talk HQ would exist, should I pitch a TV show? A Web Show? A podcast? Something else? Now I firmly believe this is the first step for something great, and that the possibilities are endless. I saw a gap in the market, and the media and wanted to step up to create a platform that is an “anti” pop-culture site of sorts. It doesn’t indulge in trashy gossip, we don’t rip apart celebrity divorces, and we don’t endorse any unhealthy stereotypes. We want to rise above the status quo and show young women and girls there is more to life than trying to be a Kardashian, or getting trashed on TV like a Jersey Shore cast member.

On this site you will read and watch some inspiring and interesting stories of what women are doing in the greater global community for their families, friends, careers and each other.

Although I didn’t plan it, this launch certainly came at a momentous time for women, especially here in America where we are based. President Barack Obama was re-elected as the 44th President of the United States. Polls are saying one of the biggest factors that swung most of the electoral votes his way was the economy. But I know from a female perspective there has been a huge push for Obama because of the backward stances Governor Romney had on women’s rights especially concerning birth control. (Click the highlighted link to find out more). So we as chicks everywhere can celebrate this as a win for our gender and we can continue to move forward!

I had the chance to interview a brave strong 17 year old girl Cami Juilane Azzinaro last week, our first interview for the site. Her story is not only incredible and uplifting, but a real eye opener. There are so many people suffering eating disorders, and so many misconceptions about what they go through. I myself was educated just by talking to her. I really felt I was doing something important by sharing her story, and now I am getting requests by other journalists to get in touch with her for an interview for other publications. Go Cami!

I am stoked to be bringing you more interviews with some amazing women over the next few weeks. So please make yourself at home on this site, and share this relevant and important content.

Happy Humpday ladies!




  1. We love the positivity of your site and the encouraging message it delivers to all women. We fully support your site and wish you the best.
    The Sorority Secrets

  2. Thank you Sorority Secrets for your comment! Thankful for the support, and yes we love to find more life-minded organizations like yourselves to empower more young women! Stay in touch.

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