Former Anorexic Girl Becomes Plus Size Model & Hopes To Inspire Women

It’s not every day you hear stories of girls putting ON weight to become models. Usually it is the other way round. Well not for one gorgeous English lass!

Alice Jackson, 26 from Bournemouth UK used to be a low 108 pounds and lived on lettuce leaves. During her college years she began the dangerous diet and would run for two hours a day. The fashion student tells the Daily Mail “I felt really really depressed and I didn’t care if I died, I just felt awful, all I could think about was food and calories.” It started when she was 18 years old after she had put on a bit of weight lost confidence in herself. She decided that going on a diet was the best thing to do. How wrong she was.


Her family and school doctor urged her to get some help and finally she went to an eating disorders treatment center. She managed to get her weight back to a healthy 154 pounds (she stands at 5 feet 9 inches) and has a new lease on life!

Alice decided to embrace her curves and really make her mark in the fashion industry, where she now works as a shoe designer in London. Not only has she volunteered to speak at her University and various charities in a bid to bring awareness to other young girls, but she has embarked on a modeling career. She entered the Curvy Kate lingerie brand’s ‘Star in a Bra’ competition and wants to be a role model for many young women who are plus sized and also want to be models.

2-Alice-Jackson 3-Alice-Jackson

But for Jackson, winning the competition isn’t her end goal, although it would be nice. She wants to use the opportunity to show other young women that they should embrace who they are, love their bodies and not be ashamed of their shape.

“I will be hopefully carrying on my promotion of body confidence and helping those who are recovering from eating disorders. I’m healthy and that’s why I think I look good in lingerie,” she said.

She is one of the top ten finalists in the competition and already she has made a huge impact, with news sources like Huffington Post and the Daily Mail covering her story. The winner will be announced on May 2nd, 2013, but we already love what Alice has to say about body image and being healthy in general:

“Being happy and healthy is of the utmost importance and I want to be able to help and inspire others to believe that too. We need to stop these unrealistic and unattainable body ideals and ensure that women are content, no matter what their size. Nobody is perfect and it’s all about celebrating what you do have and enjoying your life, rather than being dissatisfied all the time. ”

So what does Alice think of her body now? “I’m happy to be curvy and I’m proud to be curvy and I think that’s important.”


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