Emma Stone Tells Cosmo Mag She “Couldn’t Care Less!” About Makeup


Actress and sexy nerd girl Emma Stone sat down with American Cosmo mag to talk beauty and her responses show us and her fans what a down-to-earth cool chick she really is, and what a positive role model when it comes to beauty.

When asked the question “What makeup do you think Guys like on Girls?” the fiery red-head answered casually “I could care less. I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun.”

She goes to on to tell the mag that her beauty essentials are sunscreen, moisturizer for her dry skin, and that she does wear a little bit of makeup every day to look “put together”. Good to know we aren’t the only ones, Em!
She says although red lip color, which looks amazing on her skin tone, is her fave, she doesn’t wear anything on her lips most days. Oh, one of the best things? She LOVES and adores her red hair. Emma confesses she doesn’t have a great beauty secret, but she does have an opinion when it comes to her approach to her regime.
How does she block out negativity from critics about her looks?
“My mom always told me to do what makes me happy and dress for me. I was lucky, when I was young, to have a female role model in my life that was very much about me being myself. And with beauty and fashion, it’s supposed to be fun and experimental. I like the individuality of it all.”

Girls listen up! Emma is a beeautiful, smart, got-it-together, successful young woman who does NOT conform to silly standards that the film and beauty industry may throw at her. She has learned how to balance her individuality with her career, while being able to pick apart the criticism that matters the most to her.
Don’t change for anybody else’s ideals. You are unique for a reason, and if one person cannot appreciate nor celebrate that alongside you, then you are heading in the wrong direction. Be confident in who you are, and celebrate your journey in life. Your individual charisma, beauty and personality will always be an attractive quality that people are drawn to.
Emma Stone


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