Cher & Kathy Griffin’s Politica PSA: Vote For Women’s Rights In This Election

Icon Cher and Comedienne Kathy Griffin have teamed up in this hilarious, yet serious PSA about the election. They want women everywhere to know a few facts about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Look, abortion is not a black and white issue, but women our vote counts and we need to vote for the person we think holds our best interests at heart.
Whether it be abortion, birth control, fair pay, maternity leave, education funding, welfare, we need to make out vote count this week.
Watch this video and make your choice, not based on a celebrity’s persuasion, but from being informed, finding out facts for yourself. Don’t just take the media’s word for it.

Are you voting in the upcoming election? Are you informed about all the issues pertinent to women? What are you main concerns?

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