Bullied Autistic Teen Becomes A Model & Thanks Attackers For Giving Her The Strength To Succeed

A shocking yet redemptive story of a young girl who conquered her attackers in a remarkable way!

Sophie Russell, 16, from Lincolnshire, UK who has Aspergers Syndrome was walking to her boyfriend’s place last February, when a gang of nine boys and girls who were waiting for her, attacked and brutally beat her up.

As a result she suffered horrific facial injuries and had to have reconstructive surgery. But it wasn’t just the physical damage that lingered, it was also the post traumatic stress that crippled young Sophie for a while. She was put into counseling and her family also suffered emotionally after her ordeal.

She had always dreamed of a modeling career, but after her facial injuries she thought she would never be able to live this out, and her confidence was damaged. But slowly she started to heal, and over the past year and a half has matured in ways no one would have ever thought in her position.

Sophie explained to the Daily Telegraph the whole event is now behind her and she is moving on with her life in a positive way. That’s an understatement!

Check this out: ‘I thank the people who beat me up because I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I’ve become a much better person – I’m much more ambitious, it’s thanks to them.’

So not only does she forgive them but also THANKS them for giving her the fire in her spirit to continue her life. And no doubt her story is going to spread and will be a source of inspiration to many others. Just look at what happened with Katie Piper’s life and story.

Taking a leaf out of Piper’s book, Sophie is a finalist in a national modeling competition, and was also selected by London 2012 officials to be a torchbearer at the Summer Olympics! Wow what a story. And the journey is only just beginning for this transformed young woman.

What a true testament to the human spirit and the strength of a woman, shown in someone as young as Sophie. We are so excited to see and hear more about her life in the future, and know she is going to have than just a modeling career, she is going to change the lives of young girls everywhere!

Do you have a story similar to Sophie’s? Or you do know of a young woman who has overcome a tragedy and conquered their fears? Tell us about it below.

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  1. shes really pretty i hate bullies they should learn how to get a fucking life

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