British Gold Medallist Gets Revenge On Her School Bullies

Jessica Ennis represented Great Britain at the 2012 London Summer Olympics and won gold in the Heptathlon event. Since become a nation’s hero at only 26 years of age, she has signed numerous endorsement deals and been the subject of glamorous magazine photo shoots. She seems like she is the perfect picture of poise and confidence right?

Well it was not always this way for her. She revealed in an interview with The Guardian that for many years growing up she was bullied, by two big girls in particular. When you look at a picture of Jessica, you’d think why on earth would she be bullied? You have to remember bullies are very insecure creatures and they will find a reason to pick on anyone. Jessica was bullied for her height (she stands at 5’5″) and athleticism. Can you imagine!?

No matter how hard her school life was, she pushed through and focused on her goal. She admits that being an athlete meant it was hard for her to have a social life and friends because of the strict regime. But she is happily engaged and is now a great role model for young women everywhere. She has written a book called ‘Unbelievable’ which talks about her struggles and rise to get where she is today.
The sweetest part of her story, which actually made me tear up reading it was how her mum sent her a text before she was to compete in the olympics, saying “Don’t let those big girls push you around!”

If Jessica Ennis can defeat the odds and rise above bullying, so can you! Be courageous and stay focused on the bigger picture. Bullies are also people, but they are insecure and haven’t yet learned how to deal with their issues. School finishes, and high school bullies fade away. Your life and goals are important. Don’t let those big girls or boys push you around!

Have you been a victim of bullying? What kind? Share your story below.

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