BBC Presenter Says Normal Women Have Curves And Weight Fluctuation

Alex Jones is a popular TV host in Britain viewed by millions each day on ‘The One Show’.  While she is a very recognizable face in the UK this adds a lot of pressure to her job, mainly the pressure of looking a certain way. We have all heard many stories of celebrities who secretly battle eating disorders or hide their insecurities because they succumb to the awful demands on them.

Well Ms Jones is not to be counted among that group. She is more than happy to be representing all women across the country saying women come in all different shapes and sizes. One day she may be looking trim and be praised for it, but also recognizes that her body shape and weight does fluctuate, like any normal female!

Along with speaking about this she is promoting her rickshaw challenge which raises money for the BBC’s Children in Need fundraiser. Last year she cycled from Scotland down to London with her co-host in a rickshaw, raising £1.9 million in funds. This time she has enlisted 6 kids who have previously been helped by the Children In Need charity and getting them to cycle from London to Wales, and Alex will be there alongside them encouraging them and helping collect money.

It is a really significant milestone having these kids as part of the fundraiser. She says ‘they have all had traumatic problems in their lives as individuals and come through them. They really are inspirational and I hope the nation takes them into their hearts and supports them by donating. We’d love to surpass the £1.9m I raised last year.’

When asked about her fitness regime and how she prepares for such an event like this Alex says she likes to keep it spontaneous and get out and enjoy the fresh air. Because she works full time she will go running or walking a few times during the week without scheduling it in so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. This really does reflect on her healthy body image and the way she views fitness.
Thank you Alex Jones for being a spokesmodel for real women in the UK, and using your time and talents for a great cause like Children in Need!
Are you misled by the media and how the media tells us we should look like as young women? What is something that has affected your body image or self esteem negatively that you have overcome? Share below!

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