Is Ashley Judd Ditching Acting For Politics?

Spurred on by the re-election of President Barack Obama and re-enforcing the “Yes We Can” attitude he promoted in 2008, actress and philanthropist Ashley Judd is considering running for the Democratic Senate seat in her home state of Kentucky.

The seat will be up for grabs in 2014 and she is determined not to let the current seat-holder be re-elected.
Ashley is well-known not only for her Hollywood starring roles, but also also lent her passions and profile to AIDS prevention, reproductive health awareness, and the Defenders of Wildlife Action fund. It is no surprise then, that she is willing to move into politics.

Mitch McConnell is the current republican seat holder in Kentucky and Judd wants him gone! McConnell is Kentucky’s longest-serving senator in state history, and him and his wife are both outspoken conservatives in Washington DC against Barack Obama.

A change is good every now and then right? I say Ashley should run for the seat in 2014 and surround herself with the best advisory team to do her home state proud and move it into a new direction, if that is what she is passionate about. She is thinking about her kids generation and wants to be instrumental in carving out a future for them and their peers.

She may be facing an uphill battle, but with her star power and influence in many different sectors this could be an exciting time for Kentucky!





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